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Set your alarms! Stage splits and a LOT more acts being announced tomorrow morning 😍😍😍




25 Responses

  1. Yasmin Alarnah says:

    Katie Clinton Mitchell Blackwell 😁 Better be goooddd

  2. Lucy Marie Hill says:

    Harri Denial

  3. Rachel Pring says:

    Richard Pring πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜†πŸ€— xxxxxxx

  4. Andrew Fortt says:

    Liam Kirsch Connor Ogden Nathan Brynley Payne Leon Knight

  5. Noah Kendrew says:

    Josh Blake, Gabs Townsend Tom Fox

  6. Alexander Brown says:

    Charlie Lefever

  7. Dan Johnson says:

    Sam Jukes

  8. Jonny Chace says:

    Nathan Russell

  9. Alex Clarke says:

    Kieran Nixon Kayleigh Saunders

  10. Katy Willard says:

    Ellen Jenner πŸ™Œ

  11. Jamie Collins says:

    Kieran Thorne speak of the devil

  12. Ellie Nichols says:

    Perry Beynon Cerys Elizabeth Matthew Erskine Danielle Hargreaves Sam Bishop

  13. Gaby Bromage says:

    Ewan Thorne a LOT more

  14. Adam Skinner says:

    Ashley Savage early announcement!

  15. Neil McNicholas says:

    Leighanne Rose Luke Clougher Nathan Cole Stephen Redshaw

  16. Amber Ruewell says:

    Marcella Stevens

  17. Liselotte Vanophem says:

    Sarita Bejarano Leeds?? Do i feel a famous band coming? πŸ˜‰

  18. Lewis Corbett says:

    Nathan Blake Green Scott Boardman

  19. Lucy Alys says:

    Millie Bethel

  20. Ryan Perrin says:

    Jack Perrin

  21. Mathew Jones says:

    Emily Watkins

  22. Mathew Jones says:

    Emily Watkins

  23. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Dan Styles

  24. Rudy Bortei says:

    Tom Holmes looks like I was wrong hahah forget 9am! Looks like it’s 7:30!

  25. Scarlet Drucker says:

    Callun Jones yes yes yes yes yes

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