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More acts and stage splits announced on Thursday…




25 Responses

  1. Gareth Ingram says:

    Adele Jones

  2. Chloee Smyth says:


  3. Rhian Lloyd says:

    Paige Dix

  4. Bella Daniels says:

    Katie Wiggins Jasmine Stokes

  5. Ben Gilbert says:

    Kieran Knight

  6. Tom Green says:

    George Boyd-Jones stay tuned

  7. Ellie Lyne says:

    Michael Boys-Stones Sam Barton

  8. Lewis Gordon says:


  9. Ryan Humphrey says:

    Ben Humphrey

  10. Eleanor Penny says:

    Neve Mae

  11. Chloë Sibley says:

    Becci White Zak Lennon Fletcher Ethan Winter Ryan Townsend UNREAL

  12. Ben Woodbine says:

    About to have a meltdown!!!!!! Harry Steven Danny

  13. Ashley Miles says:

    Little Mix?
    Would fit in well.

  14. Jade Connell says:

    Niamh Scarlett McCormack 🍻🍻🍻

  15. Ben Aldous says:

    Rachel Aldous

  16. Kieran Thorne says:

    Jamie Collins

  17. Aurélie Hammoudi says:


  18. Toudey Flahn says:

    William Rennicks Roberto Marrocco

  19. Will Thompson says:

    Elise Bott

  20. Abi Maunder says:

    Emily Sexton

  21. Ellie Wills says:

    Chloe Rebecca 😁😁

  22. Shonam Khaki says:

    More Abbey Hogg

  23. Kaya Ozkarapinar says:

    Morgan Coy Hope Walker Lilly Croucher

  24. Will Thompson says:

    No more chav music cheers

  25. Kenneth Meechan says:

    Katie Cross

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