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Possibly the largest database of UK and European festivals of all sizes and genres.


We have compiled what is probably the largest single listings guide of festivals that you will find anywhere.


What did you think of the line-up, the loos, the food offer, or the stewarding?  Leave your rating to help events improve.


We can’t get to them all, but the ones we do visit will be fully featured in our review section – with glorious photos  of bands and crowds.


No festival is too small so we list them all – and love them all

From huge international events showcasing the planet’s biggest stars to small one-day events in tiny spaces where grass-roots performers play to small but appreciative audiences – we believe every festival deserves to be celebrated and recognised…

Latest News

All the latest news and posts from scores of festivals…

Camp Bestival baby with headphones

Camp Bestival 2021 – the best bits…

We’ve always had a soft spot for Camp Bestival – despite not fitting the target demographic for which the event is most famous. That is to say, we’re not the[…]

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Highlights of The Moores performance at Camp Springs Bluegrass Festival, 9/5/2020

This video contains excerpts of the songs performed by The Moores at the 2020 Camp Springs Bluegrass festival, 9/5/2020 source

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(A short) Highlights video of Loathe live show at the Download Pilot Festival 2021, right from the middle of the mosh pit. (Sorry about the length.. : P) source

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: 2nd Brooklyn Americana Music Festival

Highlights from the 2nd Annual Brooklyn Americana Music Festival. Cover shot Eva Salina photographed by Jelle Wagenaar on the Dumbo Archway Stage. source

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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS The Everywhen Project “The Electric Universe ’21” is happening!

The Everywhen Project “The Electric Universe ’21” is happening Oct 10 – Oct 21. [https://www.everywhenproject.org/](https://www.everywhenproject.org/) View Reddit by eric_barnes – View Source The Everywhen Project "The Electric Universe ’21" is[…]

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Anastacia – Live at Parkpop Festival | Highlights (2016)

Anastacia performing live her Ultimate Collection Tour at Parkpop Festival at The Hague (The Netherlands) June 25, 2016. 00:28 – Sick and Tired 04:27 – Paid My Dues 07:57 –[…]

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A few things we love about festivals…

What makes a great festival? With so many shapes and sizes out there that’s not an easy question to answer – but here’s what we think…


It’s all too easy to just book big names and established acts – but a truly great festival takes risks and scours the horizon for new and emerging performers who may have the talent to be the next generation of top stars.


We know it’s not cheap to stage a great festival, so ticket prices have to reflect this. But festivals need to get their pricing right and also be aware of how much they are charging for food and drink over the event, and how much of an impact this has on the overall experience.


Going to a festival shouldn’t be a passive experience – it should be immersive and give you the chance to be a part of the action. Festivals that find ways for their audiences to engage with the performance will always find that more people come back year after year.


How clean are your festival toilets and how many water points do you have in your campsite? How well briefed are your stewards and how friendly are your security staff? Is signage clear and is your program easy to read and understand? Get these thimngs right and you’ll win a lot of friends.


Beautiful Days – a true festival family

Created by the Levellers, a band who epitomise the free spirited philosophy of festivals in their 90s heyday, Beautiful Days ticks al the boxes…


every year provides audiences with a fantastically curated and eclectic mix of music, theatre and comedy, with careful thought given to the tastes of the crowd but a willingness to try out new things.


Ticket prices are sensibly set, and on site food and drink prices are extremely fair.


Clean enough to eat your dinner in – say no more.


Many of the stewards and security staff are as much regulars as the fans who come back year after year. They know the festival and they interact with guests in the best way possible.


More than just an ego trip… Mik Artistik

Whilst festivals have a duty to get things right, performers also need to think about how they package themselves for a festival crowd – and there is probably no better example of this than Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip.


Mik Artistik’s songs are far from formulaic. With subject matter ranging from plastic garden ornaments to leaves stuck under windscreen wipers his themes are heartfelt and obscure in equal measure…and the crowd loves him for it.


In the manner of a great stand-up comic, Mik reads his audiences like a book and seaks directly to them at every chance he gets – and in so doing wins new fans with every show.


At Glastonbury 2019 Mik put in at least 11 performances over the weekend (we lost count at that point) – ensuring that as many people as possible got to see himm at least once…


There is a sense of fun at every Mik Artistik gig you ever see – but behind that fun is a serious side… the spirit of a man who is fully committed to his craft and puts every ounce of energy into even the smallest show.

Some of our favourite events

There are too many to chose from, but if we had to recommend just a handful of our favourite festivals it would be these ones….

Top traders

Here are a few of our favourite stalls from around the festival circuit

Full trader listings

Although festival t-shirts are all well and good, most of the best clothes we’ve ever bought from festivals have been from vintage and charity shops. Oxfam often have some great and stylish bargains – but get in quick.


Vintage clothes

It’s simple and unpretentious, but filling, delicious and great value. The portions served up by the Roaming Rotisserie team always have us coming back for more – like Depeche Mode samg, we just can’t get enough!

Roaming Rotisserie


The Really Good Bar Co bring a Real Ale selection to festivals – ranging from a small two-cask stillage on the back bar to racking and refrigeration for up to 100 casks. They source all the beers direct from  local breweries.

Really Good Bar Co

Real Ale

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Festival acts we love

What makes a great festival performance? For us it’s the ability to catch and hold the attention of a passing crowd…so here are just a few of our favourite acts who have what it takes to make your festival a memorable affair…

Kid Kapichi

Blistering indie rock

Beans on Toast

Contemporary poet

Funke and the Two Tone Baby

A one man band with bells on

Nova Twins

Mesmerising and passionate

Pete Bentham and ther Dinner Ladies

Indescribably delicioius

Greentea Peng

Pure roots funk


Multi-talented troubadour

The Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonican

To know them is to love them

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