In case you missed it we announced over 70 acts this morning …

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In case you missed it we announced over 70 acts this morning πŸ‘€

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25 Responses

  1. Melissa Glynn says:

    Philip Poole

  2. Jodie Cole says:

    Annie Lucas Good Charlotte

  3. Mika Lambeth says:

    Izzy Halliday humm

  4. Conor Westbrook says:

    Grace Bryant Getting learning your Hoodie Allen songs

  5. Hannah Paddick says:

    rip G-eazy and Disclosure clash

  6. Nick Williams says:

    Matthew Ferroni Chelsea Robinson

  7. Dominique Redding says:


  8. Louise Aylwin says:

    Please don’t put good Charlotte and fallout boy on at the same time πŸ™

  9. Vince Chapman says:

    What’s happened reading only two good headliners this year??

  10. Hollie Wright says:

    Holly Pritchard

  11. Samuel Harries says:

    Really so bad I didn’t even notice a change πŸ˜‚

  12. Henry Empson says:

    Freya Jones rly average

  13. Bryony Thatcher says:

    Gavla Robinson Benjamin Glass apparently 70 acts where named this morningπŸ˜‚

  14. Ashley Miles says:

    Prince dies, now this!

  15. Gwen McCreath Walton says:

    Chvrches up where they belong Alice Doherty. Can’t wait til august and June

  16. Alex Basi says:

    Christine Mathiesen

  17. Karen Jayne says:

    Bill Gent

  18. John Rose says:

    Reading Festival please take notice. Why have you failed to book so many of the amazing bands gigging this summer. Other smaller festivals have seemed to have produced. With all the hype you produced leading up to this morning, I feel gutted for similar many people out there who were expecting more. You have attracted yeah some half decent headliners but what about the rest? Please explain to so many disappointed people out there who are just shaking their heads. I know you can not please us all. But this is truthfully not value for money

  19. John Rose says:

    Who were everyone else expecting. It would be interesting to see

  20. Caitlin King says:

    Emily Lewis Grace Smith

  21. Yazmine De La Rosa says:

    Gabby De La Rosa lets go to the UK

  22. Will Farman says:

    Max Sames Harry Lowe

  23. Mia Rose Burn says:

    Elise Claire Rigby

  24. Jade Harris says:

    James Ali

  25. Chelsea Crocker says:

    Jess Clemence excited or wha?!

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