Early birds, are you packed yet?

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Early birds, are you packed yet?



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  1. Christina Poole says:

    Ryan Ford!

  2. James Fawcett says:

    packing now!!!

  3. Adrian Mills says:

    Do you wanna let me in for like 45 minutes whilst i set up my tent then i will come back Thursday evening after work yeah?

  4. Charlie Morrison says:

    Do you wanna tell us the times for the Lock Up stage yet or?

  5. Rachel Grantham says:

    Daz Dixon stop playing worms and sort ya stuff out!! 😉

  6. Meg Ainsworth says:

    so much to do!!

  7. Ross Curtis says:


    No, I have one of these things called a job. Packing is for later, only takes 20 minutes to pack a bag

  8. Matteo Brown says:

    packing now.

  9. Caitlin Pearce says:

    What’s the pay on entry for parking thing all about? Do you literally just pay when you drive in? They didn’t let me in without my thing on my window last year

  10. Luke Frrederick Neilson says:

    Nope, not coming until Thursday morning.

  11. Bryony Steele says:

    Ready to go!!

  12. Stuart Woods says:

    Work til late :s

  13. Jeffrey Sam Thompson says:

    You kidding I packed last week

  14. Dena Kaplan says:

    uyghhh Belle Hermione

  15. Tenesan Severin says:


  16. Saviour Aquilina says:

    Friday morning ooooowwwwssshhhh

  17. James Collins says:

    Can you sort the times on your app out? Were up, some were at funny times (3 am?), now no stage times at all!

  18. Chris Wheeler says:

    Sunday ticket for sale message if interested

  19. Bex Slade says:

    Packing now

  20. Chris Chapman says:

    Here we go!! 😁😁😁 BOOOOOWWN

  21. Chris McSweeney says:

    When is it again?

  22. Ian Lack says:

    Packing tomorrow for Thursday afternoon arrival. Been getting stuff ready for a couple of weeks though 😀😀😀

  23. Jamesy Purdie says:

    Bring anal beads or not …. Decisions decisions

  24. Matilda Rose Susan Vokes says:


  25. Stuart Lane says:

    Not this year Reading Sorry I will miss you tho

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