Twin Atlantic ‘Make A Beast of Myself

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Twin Atlantic performed their hit song ‘Brothers and Sisters’ especially for us earlier this month.

Twin Atlantic ‘Make A Beast of Myself

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8 Responses

  1. Jim Smith says:

    Thats definitely brothers and sisters

  2. Peter Stewart says:

    i didn’t hear make a beast of myself ?

  3. Louis Coupe says:

    Haha definately not Make a beast of myself

  4. Laura Yates says:

    Ali Yates

  5. Reading Festival says:

    Brothers & Sisters sorry!!! Arghhhh where’s my coffee. FML.

  6. Meg Ainsworth says:

    Have you guys stopped doing food vouchers?? didnt get any with tickets do they come at wristband exchange?

  7. Aidan Hackwood says:

    Fucking hate that song

  8. Adam Garwood says:

    Jamie Hardy

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