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When most of the music has finished, head to the cinema! …

When most of the music has finished, head to the cinema!
Every day from midnight movies will be shown in the 1Xtra Arena.



25 Responses

  1. Rhiannon Hines says:

    Felicity Beech

  2. Alex Walne says:

    Christian Files Clayton Graham

  3. Katie E. Williams says:


  4. Matty O'Dee says:

    Tommy O’Neill friday 2.30am!

  5. Su-Ann Chew says:

    James Gillard ? are we interested in this or

  6. Kelsey Jones says:

    Danielle Louise Biddulph

  7. Geraldine Richardson says:

    Katie Richardson

  8. Amber Smith says:

    Jade Smith Maddy Parke Felix Mikhail Brüggemann Holly Duffield

  9. Kirsty Jones says:

    Matthew Kerslake

  10. Heather Jacinta Jennings says:


  11. Ellen Slay says:

    Calypso Phillips CATCHING FIRRREEEE

  12. Anni Padilha says:

    Pissed there isn’t a showing of the new Doctor Who, ngl 🙁

  13. Adeva Malpass says:

    Laura-Beth Wills shall we go watch the hunger games at midnight lol

  14. Kate Griggs says:

    Keiran Turton Jess Thomson-Booth Hayley Dawson

  15. Alexandra Malik says:

    Lily Mia Robson Joanna Curley Rhea-Savanna Johnson Brooke Lea Poppy Jones Annmarie Smith

  16. Liz Robson says:

    Brogan Stewart

  17. Alexander Sloth Holland says:

    Leo Endo Harry Cook

  18. Nat Elaine says:


  19. Yasmin Roberts says:

    Steph Ashford Carmi Coles-Cassin Amy Wilkinson not bad haha!

  20. Hennie Bellamy says:

    Alice Evans Lottie Kappel cuuuute

  21. Eden Hamilton says:

    Keelan Green Discordance

  22. John Gunne says:

    How about stage times dammitt!!!!

  23. Luke Tizzard says:

    Jennifer Banfield Can see a couple we could watch! 🙂

  24. Liberty Nicholls says:

    Abi Drake

  25. Shaun Nedd says:

    Laura Chilvers

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