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Victorious Festival news: Wow what a stunning shot of Stereophonics! Get tagging in the comments below if …

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Latest update from Victorious Festival

Wow what a stunning shot of Stereophonics! Get tagging in the comments below if you were part of this awesome crowd! We can’t wait for more magical moments like this in 2018!

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Victorious Festival


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25 Responses

  1. Was at the front…Amazing

  2. We were near the front… what an amazing night!

  3. Shell Craker says:

    Amy, Nicola!!! Did we get a pic of us all while they played? Xx

  4. Julia Hillam says:

    Vince Henry Julia Hillam were there, awesome stereophonics and festival! 👍xxx

  5. Cliff Reed says:

    Was an awesome rendition of Dakota that blew me away!👌

  6. Absolutely fabulous! Would have liked firework finish with elbow too!

  7. Joanne Taylor Stephen Cook great end to a fabulous day more big headliners next year please xx

  8. Kevin Prew says:

    Here’s one from me – excellent gig 😊

  9. Excellent show as always it was my 14th time seeing them and they just keep getting better! Loved Victorious this year 💚

  10. Yeah we were right at the front seen the phonics many times and the Victorious festival was probably the best I’ve seen.

  11. It sure was a special night 👌👌

  12. Amanda Vago says:

    great night Maisy Mona. Not long until we see them again

  13. With Kerrie Sprague – amazing show. 😀

  14. James Evans says:

    Anna Kochanek
    I remember it well……

  15. I was there right under the big screen on the right, phonics were epic as always, cant wait for Cardiff in March x 2 nights woop woop

  16. We were there right near the speaker /lighting pylons with Karolina Brown, & the rest of the Beer Buddies

  17. Naomi Borman says:

    Trisha Mulholland what a way to finish off our perfect Saturday at victorious 😊❤

  18. They were one of my highlights ❤️

  19. Rowan Brown says:

    Was an awesome end to an amazing day!! Helen Culley xx

  20. Sarah Powell says:

    It was an even better view at the front!!

  21. At the front and had the best view .. loved every minute of it x

  22. Fi Batho Helen Farley 😄 Sterophonics! That guitar solo 😍😍😍😍

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