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Watchet Music Festival

Residents Early Bird Tickets

Do you live LOCAL to Watchet Festival? If you do, or know someone who does, you may be interested in the following;

Due to the very high demand for the early bird pre sales tickets, please be advised that – the FREE PRESS TICKET OFFER for local residents MAY NOT HAPPEN this year, or next year.

However, to ensure local residents don’t miss out, we have, earlier than usual, set up 3 locations in the local area where local people can book and pay for their weekend festival tickets by cash or cheque (not credit cards – all credit card transactions can only be made online).

These tickets will be available at the discounted Tier 2 prices and will only be available until 31st of October 2017.

Each of the following locations will have the necessary booking forms :

CRS Building Supplies, Washford Hill, Watchet

Pebbles Tavern, Market St, Watchet

Watchet Visitor Centre, Harbour Road, Watchet

All Day tickets will be made available online on 1st Feb 2018 BUT will be limited to 250 per day until they sell out.

To ensure that as many local people as possible, are made aware of this information we ask that you please share this post with as many people as you can.

Thank you x

Watchet Music Festival


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