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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS What was the most expensive festival ticket you’ve seen or been to?

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What was the most expensive festival ticket you’ve seen or been to?

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  1. kingjovanni7 says:

    Paid around $600 for Day n’ Vegas 2021. Wasn’t worth it.

  2. Martipar says:

    What sort of music festival has no toilets?

  3. dorni28 says:

    Tomorrowland by far the most expensive; but absolutely worth it

  4. Edc vegas, $900+ for vip ticket

  5. dalton10e says:

    Tomorrowland Belgium. $750 for the tickets + camping. Thata not including the flying out from the states.
    Was worth every penny x5

  6. FubuFranklin says:

    I bought paradise blue tickets this year…

  7. Pshhh, Electric Forest Back 40 Cabins are like 8k but come with a personal golf cart (or at least they did in 2017, sadly my last EF); I know even Good Life VIP *with* four in the forest discount was about 800 this past year. But Forest is ALWAYS worth it.

  8. skesisfunk says:

    TIL EDM fests are crazy expensive

  9. edc vegas is when i’m hanging up my festival towel and calling it quits for good only because of how incredibly expensive it is. blow and ball all out like $2500+ worth, say my farewells for the lifestyle, and watch the scene grow from outskirts. also hopefully progress and keep plur alive and encouraging.

  10. Friendship is at least $800 per person. I usually go for double occupancy balcony which is usually around $1500 per person. And we are always soO0o0oo shocked when a $3000 bill gets slipped under our door on disembark day lol.

    So much fun though! Plenty of people make it cheaper by bringing rum runners and sticking to the free restaurants.

  11. goochguppy says:

    Shambhala I’m BC is 525 for GA in 2023 and it will be worth every penny

  12. mjb21233 says:

    I paid $550 for my Coachella ticket last year, I bought it a month before the show. Was totally worth it

  13. PuIseOne says:

    I think I had a friend pay like $1700 each (or maybe it was for 2) for good life tickets at Electric Forrest 22. I bought 2 GA tickets from someone on FB for like $450 each (because the exchange was charging $800). This was also like a month before Forest

    And other than the toilets, the meme is accurate for Forrest 😂 inhaled SOOO much dirt that weekend 😷

  14. Coachella. Kanye brought out the Weeknd. Axwell v Ingrosso next door. Worth it.

    Edit: The Weeknd brought out Kanye lol

  15. $500 for BTV tickets for this NYE

  16. Tomorrowscam 2016 for a cabana and it was my last one and worth it as we had a good run of that one party over ten years. Was like a thousand pounds each.
    Edc is going to hurt as paying Aussie pesos for it.

  17. eatyabeans says:

    £595 for Tomorrowland, would happily pay double. Worth every penny.

  18. Probably around 600-700 for voodoo a few years ago, ticket, travel, hotel, etc. I was a junior in high school- genuinely don’t know how I pulled that off lol but one of my favorite memories ever

  19. Excisions all inclusive paradise blue fest is like 2k at the cheapest

  20. frankles says:

    I think I paid about $400 for my last Coachella, prob more with fees and definitely more than double that with travel expenses.

    Yes I spelt in a tent that I had to vacate by about 8:45am, no matter how tired I was. I walked many miles and came back with a bit of an upper respiratory infection. Was it worth it? You betcha. (For anybody unfamiliar with the American Midwest, that’s an affirmative)

  21. Werkt says:

    Holy Ship was like $3500+ for my partner and I.

  22. cam0019 says:

    Hahahahah and this is why we do VIP and ALWAYS book a room or air bnb. FoH with all that camping and struggling 🤣🤣🤣
    But, to each their own.

  23. Paradise Blue isn’t cheap.

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