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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Twenty One Pilots – Vessel's 10th Anniversary Variety Stream

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join us when we go live this Sunday to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our album Vessel with a variety stream

Donate to Make-A-Wish: https://tiltify.com/@twentyonepilots/vessel-10th-anniversary
Vessel 10th Anniversary Vinyl: https://twentyonepilots.lnk.to/Vessel-Boxset

27:36 video vault
34:50 ode to sleep
40:52 story time
50:52 holding on to you
55:24 video vault
1:01:10 migraine
1:06:17 fun facts with josh
1:10:25 house of gold
1:14:30 video vault
1:22:19 car radio
1:26:48 video vault
1:37:21 semi-automatic
1:44:24 demo dive
1:55:40 screen
2:00:08 josh’s favorite outfits
2:08:40 the run and go
2:16:08 demo dive
2:21:56 fake you out
2:28:58 name that tune with our dads
2:39:17 guns for hands
2:43:56 trees
2:54:18 truce

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40 Responses

  1. The backtrack of migraine would be absolutely fire for Isle of Flightless Birds.

  2. Demon Delsin says:

    necesito una traducción de todo el directo porque no entiendo algunas partes de que hablan 🙁

  3. Dumb Stupid says:

    Nearly everyone's ears are in slightly different places. Line up the sideburns with each other.

  4. where's intro to baking

  5. Tyler's Dad voice sounds Great!

  6. How big is Josh's car that he can't find his drums lmaoo 😂🥰

  7. NGL if they were to cover tenacious d tribute that would be lit

  8. Thank you, Tyler
    Thank you, Josh
    I am doing better and I am alive.
    To see you, so human, world stars but still humble, gave me great joy
    Thanks for supporting all of us all these years

  9. Shola Ayisha says:

    im blown away by this version of ode to sleep its so different but still so damn good

  10. I need new shows I can't wait until they announce the dates

  11. Jon Ely says:

    Thanks for doing that, guys. It was really fun to watch.

  12. Al Ga says:

    I need all of these versions please

  13. milkbattery says:

    the gag is definitely funny but i’m a little sad that we didnt get to see a lot of josh playing

  14. Yavor Petkov says:

    Does anyone recognize the headphones brand?

  15. Tracy Hilt says:

    Love the soft and slow pace to really hear the lyrics. Brava TOP never stop making beautiful music with a soul 🎶

  16. neemo98 says:

    Bookmark for later 51:00

  17. sorry i missed it. was waging a war behind my face and above my throat that day. hope to be there for the next live stream. love ya brothers. i know you'll prob never see this, but if you do keep it real and don't underestimate how much you've helped make this world a better place already. excited to see what tyler and josh have in store for us next

  18. RATBOY says:

    they gotta smvke weed right?

  19. Aidan Terry says:

    Release that version of doubt! It was fire!

  20. Waffle house has found it’s new host

  21. Jakeito413 says:

    Doubt(Alt Mix) when?

    That's FIRE.

  22. Ethan Olson says:

    Does anyone know if Tyler is a fan of Jeff Buckley?

  23. Ethan Olson says:

    1:17:14 I swear as he was saying that I was looking at my DVD case of Scott Pilgrim 💀

  24. C H says:

    Finally finished watching the stream and loved it all !!
    Thanks for the demo of the new song 😂

  25. You still sing beautifully. Why did you stop performing???

  26. Average band in Ohio…

    I’m sorry

  27. imeowyouuu8 says:

    Manifesting concert in the Philippines! ❣🔥

  28. Mat Test says:

    Tyler: I'll see if there here
    Tyler: Opens the door
    (but nothing arrives)

  29. tajeco says:

    1:01:30 That's a nice version of Migraine

  30. vessel got me through. it has been one of my favorites since i was 13.

  31. He strum upwards in screen

  32. Clara Garcia says:

    Serious Question: HOw cAn yOU Do ThiS tO mE????? Will you release the 10 year anniversary album on Apple Music ? For the love of God.

  33. Clara Garcia says:

    are we seriously not going to get the 10 year Anniversary tracks on Apple Music? How will you let me live life in this state?

  34. TNK Retro says:

    Happy Birthday, Vessel! 💙♥️

  35. Roman Easter says:

    Who else heard the start of “Two” at the beginning of Truce?

  36. BEL KID says:

    Thank you! Such cool versions of the songs! (the only wish here is to add drums a bit :))

  37. x1plus1x says:

    I didn't like it when Tyler's dad mocked the sad song. Makes me wonder if he might be part of the reason for it's existence.

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