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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Ultra Music Festival (Miami 3/24-26) Phase 1

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Ultra Music Festival (Miami 3/24-26) Phase 1

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  1. Z4bls says:

    Get dat money Clozee !

  2. i can’t believe Gigantic Nightmare is still a thing. when i saw it it sounded prettty bad im suprised they would ever try that again.

  3. Damn still no Skrillex. Was hoping 2023 would be the year he’d go back to doing festivals. Hopefully he’s in for either EDC or Coachella (or both!).

  4. Ganga White Night. From 2 Belgian dudes at Infrasound 2014, to doing Ultra, Wobble Coliseum and Wobble Rocks

  5. Ultra is without a doubt the worst “festival” I’ve ever been to. It’s hard to imagine worst vibes than this fucking bro/instahoe fest

  6. djcigs says:

    feels like they really gave attention to the curation side of things instead of copy pasting dj mag 100 this year

  7. Worst most expensive first festival I ever went to 10 years ago. And it was stacked

  8. katjerrr says:

    The Oliver heldens b2b tchami set will be dope to watch on livestream if they show more than 10 min of it.

  9. I’m out of touch for EDM but this really looks like 2012-214

  10. This whole entire lineup for phase one is disgusting. Idk how imma see everyone

  11. TospyKretts says:

    Side project b2b side project. Nice!

  12. Thats a very expensive phase 1 lmao, between all these artists, how much do you think they cost as a whole?

  13. Someone point me in the direction for work?

  14. I’m selling a ticket for 500$ if anyone is interested

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