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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: [MOSHVID] Enter Shikari LIVE at Download Pilot Festival 2021 HIGHLIGHTS

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Highlights video of Enter Shikari live show at the Download Pilot Festival 2021, right from the middle of the mosh pit.
See also video for “Sorry You’re Not A Winner” (not included) here: https://youtu.be/ebxjmH6iHIY


15 Responses

  1. You missed the clap from sorry your not a winner! 👀 you are not our fellow DJ

  2. Nathan Evans says:

    I can't wait to see them again in Decemeber, really feel like I'm gonna be home again, absolute chills from this

  3. What a fucking night that was

  4. Hillzy96 says:

    Love this, I was in there as well just a bit further along. Felt so normal, brilliant weekend

  5. Jon Goga says:

    Moshing with you from about 6:29 for a few minutes, we're wearing the Holding Absence hoodies – thanks for filming all of this, one of the best nights of our lives!

  6. Panik says:

    You didn’t include the clap for sorry you’re not a winner nooooooo 😂

  7. N N says:

    Jesus Christ (Literally) 25:07

  8. Enter Shikari for the total communion and creating mosh-pits of indies, punks, metalheads, ravers, poppers and rockers since 2003. Beautiful.

  9. atsro7 says:

    in which locality did the festival take place?

  10. Amber says:

    For those who went did you find it overwhelming? I'm dying to get back at this kind of stuff but I haven't been around many people at all during this pandemic because I'm clinically vulnerable and I feel I'd struggle at a gig now

  11. Brilliant thanks a lot

  12. Cwanlee says:

    Good job capturing the reason why I got into these types of concerts!

  13. Dr. Nowt says:

    Mint. Managed to spot myself a few times in this, and you got me crowd surfing off my mate's back at 30:00. Doesn't look nearly as cool as it felt haha but still well good. Thanks for this!

  14. Kenny Wild says:

    How was it getting back into a festival like this? Gives me the absolute chills. Thanks for sharing!

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