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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS I am just not ready for Festival Season to end… What were some of your favorites this year?

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I am just not ready for Festival Season to end… What were some of your favorites this year?

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  1. I feel like festival season doesn’t really end – I still have Dirtybird and Hulaween on my calendar for this year! Then I suppose I’ll take a brief winter break before the Gem & Jam, which was definitely a highlight of this year for me.

  2. dlxnj says:

    Festival season ending just means tour and warehouse season begins 😈

  3. There’s literally one every month.

  4. JethroPrimo says:

    I know that closing festival season doesnt sound so good, but I transitioned from one season to the next in the event calendar with this track – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atH04TV2PlU. Nostalgia is a sweet thing.

    I only went to two festivals this year in the UK Creamfields and Secret Garden Party, both were good in their own way. Next year will be Boom Town and Shamballa.

    Rave, Rave, Rave against the Dying of the Light.

  5. I did 12 festivals this year, and I am very excited to calm down for the winter. Elements was definitely my favorite, with Forest in very close second. Least favorite was BigFoot Electro, and newest experience was Interstellar Festival. Closing out the season with Evolutions in a couple weeks, and possibly painting at Hulaween IF they accept me and I can make the trek.

    This year was fun, but I’m ready for the house to be clean, candles to be burning, and the ability to take more time with my artwork.

  6. jman8508 says:

    Electric forest 100

  7. Qman1962 says:

    Oh my gosh Eletric forest was the best this year for me absolutely loved the vibe everyone had.

  8. manydoorsyes says:

    ABGT Weekender at the Gorge was probably the best weekend of my life.

  9. ky_cats says:

    It’s gonna be a close one
    Between EF and secrete dreams!

  10. kusanagi657 says:

    Shambhala, and none other comes close!

  11. muycoal says:

    Classic wookie photos

  12. logan_sq_ says:

    what are these, clothing festivals?

    Not a single pic of anyone playing music lol 🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. forsaken322 says:

    Gem and Jam was my highlight of the year. Absolutely stellar sets from every band i saw.

  14. Festival season ends when you stop going to festivals soo it never ends

  15. I wear my festival outfits whenever I go out to a club. I don’t drink so don’t go to bars.. just straight to the club in as crazy outfit as possible. I love it ❤️

  16. itocaster says:

    Ozora all the way! 🙂

  17. reckoner15 says:

    Solasta pancake appreciation club

  18. iMate says:

    Is this just kurdt?

  19. Karnival of the Arts was the highlight of my summer

  20. Bluebear4554 says:

    aye if u travel fest season never ends theres always a goodie comin up. fav this year was tnf and resonate

  21. Csacincy46 says:

    Peach by far BUT Cave Fest is looking spectacular and it’s SO cheap!

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