Next week… More acts and stage splits announced…

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Next week… More acts and stage splits announced…



25 Responses

  1. Ryan Parker says:


  2. Sam Gosling says:

    Weezer! I don’t care if Rivers said he was playing it as a joke, book them!

  3. Neil Addy says:

    Sam Addy

  4. Maddison Pike says:

    Amanda Pike 😮😮😮😮

  5. Jay Tranter says:

    Tom Ellis Evans

  6. Michelle Knight says:

    Nigel Wood Tammy Ballard

  7. Jack Stone says:

    Lukasz Felski

  8. Tom Wood says:

    Ollie 😎😎

  9. Laura Mckay says:

    Kirsty Dakin Dean Cross

  10. Louis Danby says:

    Olly Hudson-Wood Elliot Danby PEACE!?

  11. Kate Birch says:

    Mollie Soulsby Hannah Wilson

  12. Shawn Curcher says:

    Amy Tucker !!!!!!

  13. Belinda Yorke says:

    Rozalyn Yorke Hannah Elizabeth just got a wave of excitement

  14. Maisie Mundy says:

    Max Barsby buzzingggg

  15. Josh Love says:

    Amy Emily

  16. Lauren Frances says:

    Kate AnnJo Hickman

  17. Jacob Orgill says:

    Jack Paulos Baker

  18. Lucia Spillane says:

    Alicia Prior toooo goood

  19. Lloyd 'harry' Pithers says:

    Kurtis O’Sullivan

  20. Shauna Smith says:

    Omg Emma Stoklund Lee !!!

  21. Seonaid Haggart says:

    Vivienne Rose I wanna gooooo

  22. Thomas Richmond says:

    It’s not 5 headliners. FFS

  23. Coral Pike says:

    Aaron Gage Josh ‘Polish’ Proudfoot Francesca Hutchings

  24. Anya Spencer says:

    Andrew maybe this instead of Portugal?

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