Daniel P. Carter Radio 1 Rock Show has just announced Mastodon as headliners for…

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Daniel P. Carter Radio 1 Rock Show has just announced Mastodon as headliners for The Pit. More acts to come this week!



25 Responses

  1. Frauke Dahl says:

    spontan hin? Frederic Malcherek

  2. Mark Sandford says:

    Kyle Clinton-Parker READING!!

  3. Neil Addy says:

    Sam Addy

  4. Daniel Chilcott says:

    You mean like last year?

  5. Eddie Simes says:

    Saw Mastodon at Reading in 2012 was fucking amazing

  6. Arjun Robertson says:

    Tobias Sofil argh would we go mastodon or rhcp if we went on the saturday

  7. Lisa Chamberlain says:

    Kirsty Collins shall we make it a 4 year ago reunion 😂 xx

  8. Sascha Morgan says:

    Should be called “chav fest” this year! Very disappointed Reading!

  9. Attachai Maleenoi says:

    Fall out boy

  10. Laura Eivers says:

    Caroline Megan lads…..fetty wap XD

  11. Keely McNiffe says:

    Jim Dolby

  12. Rhys Wyatt says:


  13. Emily Coles says:

    Elyssia Jane Scott Munn

  14. Courtney Vincent Reynolds says:

    Med Wluka

  15. Niamh Reilly says:

    Stephanie Birt how did I miss the vaccines???

  16. Tyler Cobber Joel says:

    Great, that gives me 4 months to grow an adequate beard 🤘🏼

  17. Robert Hartley says:

    Phil Jones

  18. Lewis Barrie says:

    Sam Deas-Bogie

  19. Drew Green says:

    Lucy Richards you’re a mastodon fan aint ya?

  20. Ed Leeder says:

    Sam Drake Got to find a way to go to this!

  21. Natalie Egbunike says:

    looks like i maybe going after all …

  22. Pete Ferris says:

    Please tell me they’re not clashing with RHCP…

  23. Ruby May Sutton says:

    basement are there I want to cry that I’m not going to see them 😭 Kieran Cox

  24. Joe Townsend says:

    Harry Hemming

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