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Henley Festival


Thank you!
What an amazing 5 days it has been! We’re incredibly grateful for the support from our sponsors, our patrons, the Friends of the Festival but most of all, we want to say a huge thank you to you, our audience, who make Henley Festival the unique, magical experience that it is each year!

Mark your diaries 6th – 10th July for the 40th year anniversary of Henley Festival 2022!
#ThankYou #HenleyFestival #EveryonesaVIP


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12 Responses

  1. Helen Maria says:

    Ed sheeran for next year?

  2. Canny Appleyard says:

    Can’t wait!! xx

  3. Claire Harman says:

    Paul Harman x

  4. Lisa Jemmett-Bone says:

    Laura Lynch birthday celebrations for u next year 🥂🥂🎉

  5. Lorna Dunlop says:

    Is there a place to give feedback on this year?

  6. Juliet Coleman says:

    Well done Festival team – last night was amazing! 🕺💃🎉

  7. Sharron Mahony says:

    Had a fabulous evening last night! Thank you and congratulations/well done team! x

  8. Lindsay Nugent says:

    A fantastic evening, thank you!

  9. Emma Craddock says:

    Had a fabulous 3 nights . Absolutely loved it.

  10. Kate HamiltonBowker says:

    It was extraordinarily brilliant this year! X

  11. Charlene Brown says:

    Had a fab night! Love it!

  12. Anita Ribbons says:

    First time at the festival… the most glamorous, beautiful, brilliant festival. Thank you so much!

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