The Guardian festival blog: End of the Road review – irony versus revolution in majestic musical battle | Music

‘So how many of you have visited the existential cafe?” Father John Misty, fountain of surrealist stage banter, is working his charms on the End of the Road crowd. “We’ll be there later,” he adds. “I’m doing a seminar on alpaca shaving.” In his previous incarnation as an emotionally fragile singer-songwriter, Josh Tillman would have […]

Boardmasters 2017 – REVIEW

Firstly, I’d like to take a moment for the people of Boardmasters who had their makeup and mirrors taken away on entry. We all thought there was some sort of clause to the “No Glass” rule that would allow for L’Oreal True Match – but evidently not. I like to think the excessive glitter around […]

Boomtown 2017 – 97% fun, 86% safe

Once again Boomtown has shown the world how to really ‘produce’ a festival. As Rome announced during the stupendously amazing Sublime with Rome show on Sunday night – “You guys really know how to have a party – we just ain’t got nothing like this back in the States…” The point is that for a […]

Ghost at Bloodstock 2017 Courtesy of Tim Finch (

Bloodstock Festival 2017 Review

So it’s been a week since Bloodstock and it’s took that long to take in what we saw. It kicked off Thursday with the Sophie Lancaster Stage but it was Friday when they heavyweights made an appearance. It wasn’t Whitechapels (6) day on the main stage as it seemed front man Phil Bozeman was concentrating […]

Nozstock 2017 Reviewed

Hats off to the Nozworthy clan. Herefordshire ought to give the freedom of the county if such a thing exists) to this family of free-thinking hedonists. For, as the creators and curators of Nozstock, they have established the sort of festival many other event organisers can only dream of. Because anyone who started going to […]

Zooquarium 2017: reviewed and in photos

Headlining Zooquarium’s first edition on a windswept, but otherwise dry and warm (in sheltered spots), Hastings Pier was Ratboy. The darling of the music press also proved a big hit with the young audience at which the festival had marketed itself, and as the sun set he took control of the main stage. Sadly due […]