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Hampton Court Festival news : We are thrilled to announce that Gary Barlow is the first act on our line-up for…

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We are thrilled to announce that Gary Barlow is the first act on our line-up for...

Latest Festival Flyer update from Hampton Court Festival

We are thrilled to announce that Gary Barlow is the first act on our line-up for next June, who will be performing on Tuesday 19th June 2018 at the Palace. Due to phenomenal demand, Gary has announced extra dates for his 2018 solo tour and we are very excited that he will be joining us at Hampton Court Palace Festival in June, as part of it. We will be revealing our next line-up announcement on Thursday 30th November. Tickets for Gary Barlow will be on sale this Friday 24th November at 9.30am.

Hampton Court Palace Festival



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25 Responses

  1. Racquel Hoskins you’ll never be closer to him!!!

  2. Go for the Champagne PIAFF tickets, join us for a glass of champagne before the show, and get seats in the front section.

  3. Heidi Harris says:

    Charlie Jenkins how exciting, definitely going to get tickets for this xx

  4. Lesley Mfon says:

    Can you buy tickets from yourselves?

  5. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Julie Judge says:

    You may like to know Louise 😀xx

  7. Does anyone know how much tickets will be for gary??x

  8. Kathy Atkins says:

    Lorna Harris I’m working will you be able to get tickets?

  9. Vicky Crawley would Rebecca be interested in this?

  10. Marie Dickson know hes ya favourite 🙈😊 xx

  11. So excited I need tickets is there a pre sale

  12. Sarah Crook says:

    This is what we were talking about earlier!! Sue Crook x

  13. Julie Robson Jewess though im sure you already know!!!!

  14. Yes saw that I have got tickets for Cardiff for May. I might go again though. Lol x

  15. Instantly thought of you Joanna Hutchins 🤣

  16. Michele Farrelly can I assist on the lighting for this one 😍😂

  17. Lorna Harris says:

    Hampton Court palace festival how much are tickets please?

  18. Why is there no pre sale 👎🏻

  19. Linda Barnes says:

    Chris Barnes…sounds like a good evening out?

  20. Yes we are on standby to get ticks tomo. Slightly excited 😆 😜xx

  21. Alison Biggs says:

    Sara Perkins – are you up for this Karen is??? View as to whether boys allowed or not, not asked K xx

  22. Tickets sold out with speed this morning 😕

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