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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Top 5 Glastonbury Festival Performances of All-Time

As everyone makes the pilgrimage to Worthy Farm this week for this year’s Glastonbury Festival, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite performances from over the years!

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42 Responses

  1. jesus aponte says:

    The Queen of glastonbury always be ms Amy Winehouse 2007-2008 wtf

  2. Tall Man says:

    Rolling stones too

  3. Florence was great too

  4. How did you miss the Levellers?

  5. gareth scale says:

    Dolly Parton literally mimed the whole set. Couldn't believe glaso would stand for that shit

  6. Steven Cliff says:

    Muse 2004's set was mind-blowing!! It's aged well too, that gig catapulted them to arena conquerers

  7. To think this was made before the killers headlined in 2019 and absolutely smashed it, I’ve never heard a crowd as loud, as engaged and as energetic in any live performance as much as that

  8. mardybum0 says:

    no arctic monkeys? really?

  9. Hip hop has no fucking place at glasto

  10. tilly m says:

    Where’s Radiohead, baby?

  11. SCH0IE says:

    Rename this to 'Maybe the best Glastonbury artists of the decade(at a push)' ..All time?? Do you even know the history of Glastonbury? I fell for it, I clicked on the stupid video! haha

  12. Lee Marson says:

    Top performances of all time? Taking the piss!

  13. PJ McC15 says:

    This comment section is a little gold mine. Just had the best evening ever listening to all these acts. Thanks to everyone for sharing except the creator of the video, your choices were crap mate. Sort it out!

  14. I J says:

    Common People

  15. What a load of bollocks

  16. J Pi says:

    Portishead 95 was pretty awesome!

  17. drkinaus says:

    Radiohead in 97 was once voted the greatest gig of all time. You guys should do a research before putting shits on.

  18. Mala la caga de lista

  19. Bensun 77 says:

    Yes – Bowie performed the greatest Set at Glastonbury of all time. Fact. But other great Sets? what about Pulp, Radiohead, Faithless, The Prodigy, The Killers, The Cure, Foo Fighters, The Smiths, Coldplay, New Order, REM… I could go on..

  20. Daniel C says:

    Radiohead 97?


  21. Colin Evans says:

    ?? Don’t understand why Radiohead or Bruce Springsteen isn’t on this list?

  22. Rolling stones 2013????

  23. Dylan LUFC says:

    The Killers~ Mr Brightside (2019)
    Oasis~ Slide Away (1995)
    Blur~ Parklife (2009)
    Florence + The Machine~ You got the love (2010)
    Arctic Monkeys~ When The Sun Goes Down (2007)

  24. Luke French says:

    Oasis '95. Slide Away, and give it all you got.

  25. boris blade says:

    Ian dury and the blockheads 1985

  26. Rock says:

    Oasis live forever??? Cmon

  27. V DuB says:

    Nobody is mentioning Muse 2004 or 2010????

  28. Brian Carey says:

    Sorry levellers play to the biggest stage front audience 250,000 in 94 and not a mention?

  29. pete gonad says:

    Jay Z was shit. And it didn’t sell out that year because he was headlining. Noel was right.

  30. Karl Hudson says:

    This is a crock of fucking shit 💩 where is Radiohead ‘97? Lorde 2017? Skunk Anansie ‘99?

  31. Ben Howard 2015 was his best imo

  32. kai miller says:

    What a shit list

  33. Where ze hell is Jeff Buckley?!

  34. what the dam says:

    Well this list sure is shit and not worth watching

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