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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: The Who Hits Back Tour live from Austin, Texas – May 3, 2022 – #thewho

Highlights from the The Who Hits Back tour – live from the Moody Center in Austin, Texas on May 3, 2022.
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32 Responses

  1. Neil Harvey says:

    Fair play for still gigging but the unbounded energy the Who used to exude is sadly missing now in Roger and Pete's senior years…

  2. Scott James says:

    Wow impressive! After watching the Paul McCartney Got Back concert, this is excellent

  3. Cuddly Bear says:

    Love the Who live. They still cut the mustard. Thank you for this.

  4. Roger Murray says:

    Rolling Stones No Different The Who? 2 of Member's Dead Containe on Tour Charlie Watts Died Already Replace it about Money 💰

  5. Jammin Dave says:

    Attended The Who this past Sunday at The Woodlands Pavilion. Although a huge difference between now and their Farewell Tour of ‘82 or 3. Roger stood in the same place without touching his face so it wouldn’t smudge his makeup. Pete never could sing but smashed a mean guitar. They looked old. When standing in front of the mirror when I got home, I realized……..it’s been a long strange ride.

  6. II saw them last night in The Woodlands; this does not begin to do justice to how great they sounded, particularly Daultry; he was outstanding.

  7. JJ Flash says:

    Thanks for uploading this, good quality audio & video! I first saw the Who in 1968 when I was 16 and then 3 more times with & without Keith & John. Great to see them play in 2022! Keep on rockin’ guys, you look & sound great!

  8. John Harris says:

    I'm ticketed for the May 13 show with seats on the floor. I hope I don't have to stand for the whole show. I'm old and tired.

  9. Eric Stewart says:

    42:00 Love Reign o’er

  10. Pete Kutheis says:

    I was there in an upper section. Daltrey's voice really warmed up after pinball wizard was done and it was a great concert. That lead violinist WOWOWOW .

  11. The BOOK peter, remember?
    YOU may have forgotten all about it but WE haven't!
    We're waiting….

  12. He is going to kill someone with that microphone

  13. Ed Billick says:

    Thanks for your "steady hand" – great job!

  14. bummer that Pino is not playing, just a bunch of session players now…(sorry ZaK)

  15. Nelly Tridon says:

    Quelle voix Roger Daltrey !un vrai bonheur de les retrouver sur scène ! Spectacle garanti !🎵🎵🎸❤❤🎼🎵🎵

  16. Joe Dye says:

    HA HA. I saw myself. Thanks for the Vid. It was an awesome show.

  17. P-BIZ says:

    They sound wonderful. how sad John Entwistle isnt with them at the twilight of their career.

  18. Jason Heaton says:

    The Who had their best sound on 1982 tour with Kenny Jones as their drummer.

  19. Jason Heaton says:

    Im a real big Who fan too……but
    …when you need an orchestra like that playing behind you leads me to believe they cant produce the sound themselves anymore……..Who…Kiss…..and especially Jon Bon Jovi….whose the worst of all of them…..its game over…….

  20. P-BIZ says:

    I wish Fender would release a Pete Townshend signature Strat. Roger looks great! Fantastic band!

  21. Chris Enoch says:

    Was Zak the drummer?

  22. Thank you so very much for uploading this. This made my evening really special. Much Love 💜 to you and to Roger.

  23. This is their job tours were canceled because of illness & Covid not Rog or Pete !!!!!!

  24. The Who released a great album called WHO in 12/6/19 for all you non in the know WHO ( fans?) Jealous much ? When you are 77 & 78 nobody is going to pay to see you do anything at all!

  25. Jor Bar says:

    I've always been more of a Who fan than a Led Zeppelin fan, but of all the bands of that era Zeppelin treats there music and there accomplishments with the most dignity.

  26. amafid says:

    I was in the cheap seats. Section 112. Great show.

  27. This beyond sad and nothing short of pathetic. The performance is bollocks! This is everything Pete railed against, and why he once wrote the lyric "hope I die before I get old". He didn't wish to be older and backed into a corner musically speaking, having aged out of rock n' roll. But they have, They are now phoning it in. There is nothing exciting about this. The feelings behind this music that made it raw and allowed it to make a statement in the first place, has long since mellowed and bears little resemblance to what made this band powerhouse rock icons.

    Speaking as someone who grew up being a die hard fan of this band it's painful to watch. I would actually prefer to listen to the old albums or watch "The Kids Are Alright" and remember what they were like at their peak. These days, this is just a bunch of rich old geezers with nothing better to do, and nothing musically new to say (of any relevance), getting richer by playing their hits. I wish they would just stop.

  28. Roger is sounding better than Paul McCarteney now days. And I’m huge Beatles fan but at least I got to hear Paul twice in his prime. Saw The Who back when Keith and John were still alive. And they were one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen. My opinion they still are sounding pretty good.

  29. Tracy Cramer says:

    This is great. Thanks so much!

  30. Tim White says:

    Kinda makes you wonder how long Roger can go this time. They had to stop a couple of years ago in Sugarland, Texas because his voice gave out. Some of my family members were there. Wow, touring with a large band plus an orchestra…I think Pete would throttle Roger if he craps out! It looks like an expensive operation…and I'm sure that ticket prices reflect that.

  31. James Lauth says:

    You did a very nice job recording this! Thanks! The sound in the arena sounds loud and Pete and Roger are bringing it! Looking forward to MSG on 5/26…..😎😁

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