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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Stravinsky The Rite of Spring // London Symphony Orchestra/Sir Simon Rattle

Sir Simon Rattle conducts the London Symphony Orchestra in Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, recorded live at the Barbican Centre on Sunday 24 September 2017.

Programme notes: https://lso.co.uk/images/pdf/21-Sep-17-Stravinsky-pages-from-This-is-Rattle-programme.pdf

Concert generously supported by Reignwood
Recommended by Classic FM

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49 Responses

  1. Very F. says:

    kinda into that big bear on the double bass ngl

  2. This was the musical equivalent of The Lottery(1948) by Shirley Jackson if you think about it in terms of themes and reception.

  3. derek putnam says:

    the coughing in this recording is ridiculous

  4. I sometimes get the impression, that most of the times when you listen to Russian classical music, you either get a kind of nice and catchy, but rather superficial pleasantness, like kitschy folk songs and hymns disguised as symphonies, or something brutal, disruptive, confusing and unsettling. Which probably is the reason why it is the true predecessor of movie scores.

  5. Stravinsky is little little kid so small lol of RICHARD WAGNER

  6. Larry Magee says:

    I've never seen this played before and I can't believe one of the instruments is a washboard! So that's where that sound comes from!

  7. I first heard this while watching Fantasia (1940) for the first time 2 years ago. The first part plays over a sequence which illustrates the life cycle of the dinosaurs and it was beautiful and intense and made me feel so many things. This has been one of my favourite pieces since then. Amazing.

  8. Is anybody else weirded out by how much this sounds like a John Williams score for a George Lucas fantasy/adventure movie? Some of the other bits are giving me like, '50s/'60s horror movie vibes, like the Screaming Skull, Carnival of Souls, etc.

  9. Coquina says:

    14:15 is terrifying, 12:36 is nice too

  10. I just can say "wow"

  11. SAUL says:

    0:41 For me it has been the best beginning of the bassoon that I have heard in the best results on youtube, the pure and heartbreaking simplicity at the same time is transmitted very pleasantly.

  12. What a mystical experience, carries the spirit to places of mystery and wonder!! My favourite always.

  13. jeninren says:

    Anyone else hear this and start feeling really sad for the dinosaurs?

  14. This music invigorates the human spirit

  15. There is no performance more interesting and intriguing andcaptivating than this performance

  16. Dance floor, Igor, he could move like a pro !

  17. WOW! 4 bassoons, 2 contrabassoons, every clarinet that's made, 9 horns (count 'em) bells UP! That bassist with the beard playing presto fortissimo? He'll break the damn thing! 2 alto flutes. Simon must have emptied the union hall. I do have a problem with the photography. They hardly show the brass until the end and the percussion almost not at all.


  19. 10:45 for some dissonance.

  20. Molk says:

    16:20 the conductor wipes of the sweat on his face from the music

  21. Cl4rendon says:

    This is so intense and full of drama & excitement.
    I`m just trying to figure what music today would be lacking without the impact of Stravinsky.

  22. ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ says:

    I can't believe how I actually like this piece😂

  23. Who else heard this for the first time in Disney's Fantasia?
    Wow I didn't know there was so much more to the full version lol.

  24. Very catchy tune! 🙂

  25. By far, the best performance i've ever heard ! Quite remarkable!!

  26. tennislibra says:

    The absolute raw psyche of this composition will forever be unrivaled.

  27. Otto says:

    4:05 this sounds like sepiroth's theme from ffvii

  28. Sr Vector says:

    It's the first time I've heard this piece and I'm absolutely obsessed; so chaotic and precious at the same time. Respect to the 1st bassoonist, the Bass they're showing with that tremendously loud pizzicato, the entire brass and percussion section, and the Eb clarinet

  29. Igor Stravinsky
    The Rite of Spring

    0:40 Introduction
    4:04 Auguries of Spring
    7:13 Game of Capture
    8:30 Round – Dances of Spring
    12:03 Games of Rival Tribes
    13:50 Procession of the Sage
    14:37 The Sage
    15:02 Dance of the Earth

    16:35 Introduction
    21:10 Mysterious Circles of Young Girls
    24:08 Glorification of the Chosen One
    25:45 Evocation of the Ancestors
    26:28 Ritual Action of the Ancestors
    30:05 Sacrificial Dance

  30. Final Fantasy 7's One Winged Angel anyone?

  31. ADG_Games says:

    I don't know why, but for some reason I always thought that it opened with an English horn

  32. Point2Kelvin says:

    13:50 has to be the most nasty, brutal trumpet excerpt ever and hearing it played so clean is so satisfying.

  33. Overwhelming. Absolutely INCREDIBLE performance!

  34. Diana Lee says:

    The LSO is such a glorious orchestra and I am always so impressed when a conductor conducts from memory, especially something this complex. Dudamel does that on many occasions as well.

  35. Diana Lee says:

    I read when this was premiered a music critic, hearing the opening notes from the bassoon so out of its range, stood up, yelled WHAT THE HELL IS THAT! and walk d out. LOL

  36. Diana Lee says:

    Most awesome version I’ve ever heard! Thanks to everyone involved

  37. Hope we have something like this for scarlxrd one day

  38. I am unable to imagine the discomfort with which the monocled bourgeoisie at the beginning of the 20th century received this wonderful music, so visceral and sometimes violent and obscene for that time

  39. And as I listen with the brilliant light of the afternoon Sun in a sky of lambent blue, casting its light in the window next to where I am writing this, I am beholden to the artistry, to the music, to the spirit that is SPRING. Thank YOU.

  40. jerry diem says:

    The 20th century was seemingly given music by this composer that would provide a musical backdrop for every horror this century had to offer, from The Nazis to the Communists.Stravinsky's work is the very definition of great art, simply because it musically foresaw the monstrous horror's to come.

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