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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Relive Ultra Europe 2019 with the Official Aftermovie in 4K!

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Relive the beautiful destination of Croatia with the OFFICIAL Aftermovie from Ultra Europe 2019!

Tickets for #UltraEurope2020 are on sale now at https://ultraeurope.com/tickets

Proud Partner of Ultra Europe – Croatia Tourism Board – Find out more info about the unique destination of Croatia: https://croatia.hr/en-GB

Official Accommodation & Travel Partner: http://www.travel2ultra.com


Futuristic Polar Bears – You & Me (Protocol Recordings)

Daffy Muffin – Selecta (Protocol Recordings)

Tom Staar & Trace – East Soul (Spinnin Records)

Tim van Werd – Break the Night (Protocol Recordings)

Created by Final Kid Films https://finalkid.com


37 Responses

  1. no name says:

    The Color Grading of video was next level.

  2. Dd Kk says:

    2018. – the best trailer

  3. Eh visto este video tantas veces
    Es un sueño tremendo poder estar ahí algún día 🤤
    Es un evento inolvidable

  4. SUBFOCUS says:

    MY GOD!!! This is the perfection of video editing!!!!

  5. a says:

    when will the tickets be out?

  6. It was fckng amazing tho

  7. Learn the rhythm that is in the life of a human life.

  8. Mastacyat says:

    Mass! No more Blasted COVID

  9. dani platero says:

    The last dance…

  10. Pedro Lino says:

    Video Anticonceptivo

  11. Vito Di Maio says:


  12. at 06:43, is it you syndra?

  13. Sabina M. says:

    The world can be so beautiful, ❤️it to watch….the f** Covid ruins all & that's sad 😢, hope next year we can go to festivals that we like & love!!!!!!

  14. Next year Come to big. ..

  15. Pat Bod says:

    2021 Honeymoon

  16. Split-ultra-😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  17. IgorE92 says:

    watching this with the tears lol.. today was supposed to be first day of ultra 2020.. stupid covid ruins everything.

  18. Nikhil Ligam says:

    Carl Cox AKA Gian is everywhere… 😛

  19. mr.X says:

    I think this aftermovie is actually better than the Ultra Miami aftermovie 😀

  20. Ah this is so sad to watch because Zagreb this year hit the earthquake and corona vires in Croatia and whole world… this looks like old lifestyle so sad.

  21. The Chainsmokers ♥️ forever

  22. The best for last. Swedish House Mafia.

  23. Lazarus Cain says:

    I was there in 2019..went to Charlie's bar..and loft 92 bar and getto bar..mannnnm it was hot as hell day and night..Charles bar women from all over the world..me and my amigo meet 2 Belgium women was a good night just say that..was stoned half the time cannabis is cool if your not carrying to much..but the Ultra was crazy..it rained heavily on the second night tho l..crazy thunderstorms..man…I loved it..was ment to be there this year but Corona said no..

  24. davor davor says:

    IMPRESIONANTE ⚓⚓⚓🚢⛵🚤🎭⚽🎉🎉🎉🍺🍺🍺🍺

  25. davor davor says:


  26. IL DOTTORE says:

    who will come NOltra europe 2020?

  27. What is the 4.00 song name

  28. Jordi Presa says:

    Add me on instagram we should collab at some point!

  29. jai kataria says:

    Boom Goosebumps starts @4:00

  30. These after movies always give me the most intense chills. So epic

  31. Rodrigo Bao says:

    vamoo jazmiiiin <3

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