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Creamfields news : All 4 Day tickets close to FULL SELL OUT! #cinchxCreamfields…

All 4 Day tickets close to FULL SELL OUT!   #cinchxCreamfields...

Latest Festival Flyer update from Creamfields

All 4 Day tickets close to FULL SELL OUT! 💥 #cinchxCreamfields




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15 Responses

  1. Deborah Copley says:

    I’ve got mine…

  2. Sam Robertson says:

    Already got mine 🎉

  3. Rebecca Forbes says:

    Chelsea Wiseman woooooop least we are sorted!

  4. Racheal Hudson says:

    I have got tickets for resell. The system online messed up and I ended up buying more than I needed!

  5. Chelsea Bertram says:

    Megan Mullen thank god u got them😂

  6. Codie Mckenzie says:

    Mick Morrissey Amy Snowdon Rebecca Reilly guys need to get sorted soon if we are getting tickets I’m getting a mine the norra

  7. Lauren Appleby says:

    Olivia Greener Deniz Demir glad we got ours when we did

  8. SammyJo Marsh says:

    Sarah Agar we need to get ours xx

  9. Bethany Sisson says:

    Rebecca Tyson im glad i convinced you😂

  10. Steph Cook says:

    Sophia Ioanna really hope they’re joking

  11. Gav Mackie says:

    Ben Awoo Best be quick if your still going

  12. Amy Louise Morson says:

    Phillippa Hills ok we may need to book ASAP 😂😂 xxxxxx

  13. Lucy Baird says:

    Hannah Petty you need to get yours !!

  14. Matty Sheridan says:

    Jack in case ye mate wants to go nearly all sold out

  15. Lauren Owers says:

    Amy Sigurdsson Lily Boyce can’t wait!! Buzzing🥰🤪

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