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Chagstock news : Our fancy dress theme this year is ‘summer holidays.’…

Our fancy dress theme this year is ‘summer holidays.’...

Latest Festival Flyer update from Chagstock:

Our fancy dress theme this year is ‘summer holidays.’

Looks like this lot were a year ahead.

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11 Responses

  1. Charlie Ott says:

    Donna Lu, Lisa Harrison, Jane Ott…

  2. Hayley Smith says:

    Jane Andrews

  3. Caroline Sheard says:

    “Summer Holidays” theme: Translation “the largest gathering of Hawaiian shirts in one place” …..

  4. Mark Vern Johnson says:

    My summer holiday is setting up the festival, I’ll just wear my orange hi-vis!!!😆

  5. Danielle Green says:

    Philippa Allers 😉

  6. Sue C Croucher says:

    Do you still need stewards please?

  7. Lucy Rhodes says:

    Jess Weymouth!!!

  8. Debra Hamilton says:

    Sue Alcock Sam Millington Marion Janet Goldstone x looking forward to it 😀 😄

  9. Jez Bailey says:

    Pete Herring

  10. Natalie Leigh says:

    Hi trying to trade with you, we were with you in 2019 , can’t get hold of anyone please help

  11. Joanne Jeffery says:

    Dawn Chapman, Rachel Herbert, Cheryl Haddy, Dean Jeffery, Selena Morgan, Xxx

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