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Chagstock news : Firstly, thank you so so much to all who came to Chagstock this year. It was ama…

Firstly, thank you so so much to all who came to Chagstock this year. It was ama...

Latest Festival Flyer update from Chagstock:

Firstly, thank you so so much to all who came to Chagstock this year. It was amazing to see so many smiley happy people again!

Secondly, it will soon be time to get tickets on sale for next year!

Dates will be 22-23 July 2022!

So the Super Early Bird tranche will go on sale Wednesday 1 September 2021 from 9am(correction!). These are limited in number so get in quick at Chagstock.info website.

We have to increase prices a little this year, for a number of reasons. We have managed to hold them at the same level for a while now but this doesn’t keep pace with increased costs. We still feel our prices are good value for money!

Let’s hope that next year things will be a little easier to organise and we can get back to providing better facilities etc.

Love from the whole Chagstock Team!

p.s. we will be posting some pics from this year soon!

Chagstock Festival


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13 Responses

  1. Chris Hodgson says:

    Thanks from everyone at Quorum. If you caught the lads on the Marquee Stage (5pm on the friday) here is a video we shot. Hope you enjoy, maybe leave a comment. https://fb.watch/7z5Kukl7g1/

  2. Charlie Ott says:

    Donna Lu, Lisa Harrison, Jane Ott….1st September for next years tickets!!…🥳🥳

  3. Tracey Tuffin says:

    Benjamin Peter Allen Kate Allen Gill Slayford Mark Mcilroy 😀

  4. Rachel Teare says:

    Jayne Boswell dates x

  5. Debra Hamilton says:

    Sue Alcock Mag Sharp Marion Janet Goldstone Sam Millington early bird cheaper shall we? X

  6. Donna Nicholas says:

    Lisa Ware Matthew Lee ❤️ has too be our yearly road trip! Loved it xx

  7. Clare Hubbard says:

    Lynn you going to bring Simon next year?

  8. Louise Turner says:

    Debs Brooker-Evans & Irish Bee ….so we ready 4 more laughter…and rations 4 gold command 😂😂😂

  9. Skippy Radmore says:

    Can The Town Of Cats come back please ??

  10. Ian Davidson says:

    Does it remain an all girls exclusive 🤔

  11. Chris Prettejohn says:

    Dominic Plumb Next year?

  12. Chagstock Festival says:

    And in case you hadn’t spotted the error, 1st September is actually the Wednesday!!

  13. Nathan Wilson says:

    Dom Cromwell there we are! Cut Capers to headline next year pleeeeeease.

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