Your updated Reading ’17 line up!

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Your updated Reading ’17 line up! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™



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  1. Kayleigh Thomas says:

    Olivia !!

  2. Barnaby Frowen says:

    Tom Britton Sunday?

  3. Matu Shaw says:

    Freddie Mawhood

  4. David Gardner says:

    Nicky Wootten

  5. Matt Jeffray says:

    Alina Polifka I’m writing the list now!

  6. Jake Mason says:

    Harry Fitzjohn Elliott Chard Hamish Clements

  7. SiΓ’n Jones says:

    Paul Farrugia

  8. Sarah Kennedy says:

    Nichola Sackley James Kennedy

  9. Ricki Pierce says:

    Ashley Sanders

  10. AurΓ©lie Unintended Gueben says:

    Muse 😍😍😍😍😍

  11. Steven Duffield says:

    The only thing bad about sunday is that I have to tolerate Liam Gallagher, before watching Muse

  12. Emmerson Nicholls says:

    No frank turner?

  13. Katie Thompson says:

    Danielle Elizabeth Smith 😍😍😍

  14. Mark Wright says:

    Lydden Bell middle line up is ours mate πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ bring it on ✊🏻x

  15. Richard Brookes says:

    Josh, Andy, Gemma, Rebecca, Hollie, Gary, Sarah

  16. Stacey Hazel Holmes says:

    Shane Andrews

  17. Luke Reddy says:

    Rebecca Flynn add rubber bandits and bill bailey to the list

  18. Jordan Kenniford says:

    I wish black eyed peas on the stage bring me.back memory all my favourite song miss them a lot

  19. Joel Davies says:

    Not bad as long as architects are shown live on BBC I’ll be happy 😊

  20. Liam Beszant says:

    Gav Cross Daniel Cross Grant Cross

  21. Thibaux Swildens says:


  22. Ross Flanagan says:

    Jessica Flanagan

  23. James Allan says:

    Kylie-Louise Jenkins the best

  24. Charly Dessaur says:

    Gina Richardson Christopher Richardson

  25. Georgia Conroy says:

    Hayley Rawes eeeeeek Kaylea Jacobs I feel I need to tag you also!! 🀘

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