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Only 200 Days til' Y Not!...

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Only 200 Days til’ Y Not! πŸ“†


18 Responses

  1. Lee Chapman says:

    How many more days until announcements of who’s playing?

  2. Becky Taylor says:

    We need a line up!!

  3. Nicki Winn says:

    What’s the line up ??

  4. Andy Guy says:

    Line up to be revealed in 200 days

  5. Chel Evenson says:

    Ashleigh Ainsworth

  6. Chris Leddy says:

    Line up this week or I’ll sell my ticket 🎟

  7. Terry Doran says:

    It’s gonna be Robbie Williams and steps headlining. I can see it now. Just stood crying in front of the big gin thinking my Β£700 paid for this mess πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

  8. Paul Little says:

    Tbh the fact you have took money from new and many, many returning customers and not announced anything is scandalous.
    If you compare your festival to others….Get a grip and repay what people/families have invested in you and reveal the acts……🎸😎🎀🍻

  9. And still no line up anouncment 😑

  10. Alan Franks says:

    A few other festivals under consideration, waiting for lineups for them all. First decent lineup gets my money!!

  11. Claire Guest says:

    You’re royally taking the piss. Ain’t bothering next year.

  12. Still no line announcements.

  13. Would probably be useful if they told people when to expect it, but apart from last year, when they went early, literally every year’s line up has been announced the first week of Feb.

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