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Latest Festival Flyer update from YNOT Festival

Y Not Festival



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16 Responses

  1. Bec Needham says:

    Do you know how many years I’ve waited to see nothing but thieves 😭😭😭and blossoms!!! We are going Bobby Hassall!!! X

  2. Steve Holmes says:

    Excellent start! Several of our key acts from 2021 retained…

  3. Nick Spooner says:

    Sports Team 👍🏻

  4. Alex Bestwick says:

    Not a bad start, but I’m not holding my breath because every time levellers was supposed to play (the last 3 years) it went all Pete tong

  5. Nick Snape says:

    Add The Snuts and The Lathums and it improves dramatically. C’mon YNot!

  6. Steve Holmes says:

    Pengshui please…

  7. Karin Henson says:

    Sea Girls and Amazons please. Good start though 😊

  8. Lisa Mctighe says:

    Can we get the fratellis too and kasabian and Tom grenan…

  9. Ron Grimesey Grimes says:

    Shed Seven please.

  10. Lorna May Prime says:

    That’ll do nicely

  11. Lyndon Roberts says:

    As if Sleaford Mods aren’t headlining based on that lineup

  12. Rachael Lomas says:

    I personally wouldn’t call those headliners 😩 2 years I’ve waited 😭

  13. Toto Sweeney Jackson says:

    The reytons would be a great addition

  14. Simon Bowman says:

    Liked & shared 👍
    Come on VIP 🤞

  15. Jacob Bradbury says:

    What happened to big names like snoop dogg, basement jaxx, primal scream, madness, jamiriquai ? This festivals line up goes even further downhill every year🤦🏻‍♂️

  16. Lisa Walker says:

    Gutted we should have been seeing Stereophonics and Manic Street Preachers last year, not as excited with this. 😢 Kirsty Woodward

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