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Who’s ready for more of this in August…

Who’s ready for more of this in August…



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  1. Nathan Webb says:

    Announcing a little bit more would be nice…😈

  2. Richard Skerritt says:

    Add some more decent bands and it might be…

  3. Dominic Rose says:

    Nah headliners are dead

  4. Liam Bond says:

    Ella Porter

  5. Maya Sheryn says:

    Flossy Burton

  6. Alastair Mcewen says:

    My 21st Readding festival

  7. Ellie Roberts says:

    Hayley Boyce

  8. Aruna Han says:

    wooowhahah I want to stand on the top to see that

  9. Polly Snook says:

    Jamie Longstaff😏😏😏😏

  10. Joshua Conlon says:

    Cy Marsh

  11. Dougie Spencer says:

    Chelsea Hill

  12. Chelsea Louise Serle says:

    Erika Snow

  13. Ruby Drysdale says:

    Lauren Oakes 🎉🎉

  14. Austin Adams says:

    Who needs Zumba?…

  15. Chloee Smyth says:

    Lauren McGowan

  16. Dave Smith says:

    John Matthew Smith, Craig Kent Bradley, Julian Smith, Leon Smith, Genna McConnell, Shannon Mcconnell, Charlie Crawford, Nicole Claire Hawkins, Ellis-Rose Wigley, Abby Ballard, 😆😁😜🎈🎉💥🎶

  17. Sophie Humphries says:

    Caitlin Bevan

  18. Alex Clarke says:

    Kieran Dan

  19. Briony Bree Allison Claridge says:


  20. Del Evans says:

    Shauna Yorke

  21. Oliver Phillips says:

    Not with the current lineup. I think I’ll give it a miss.

  22. Michael Walker says:

    Ready Kulvinder Mahal?

  23. Barnaby Williams says:

    Luke Marcus Thompson

  24. Lewis Coulon says:

    Jake Cruickshank Nick Baker Jamie Reed Ed Logan Luke Benjamin

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