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We need to be back here…

We need to be back here…


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  1. Michael Harry Ireland says:

    We need you to keep the prices down!

  2. Daniel Dani says:

    Ryan Kendrick

  3. Jon Shaw says:

    Jay Setford Joe Gunnion Edd Baker

  4. Aaron Sandy says:

    Sam Hill Andrew Pruett Abbey Hill Carys Anderson-Jones Daniel Jessop Sam Banner Would do anything to be back here! 😔

  5. Leeroy Rutter says:

    We need your booking team to go and jump off a cliff

  6. Ben Naulleau says:

    Maya Meakes Ellis Stanton Cameron Bix Sam Chown 🙁

  7. Fløpsy Way says:

    I need to back here more than I need to breathe….I’ve never had such post Reading blues ever

  8. Kristabel Hilton says:

    I need you to get the drunk ppl out of the Twenty One Pilots tent so the actual sober fans who are there for the music can enjoy it properly.

  9. Patrick Hegarty says:

    Jack McLoughlin Bridget Love Mathilde Caire

  10. Meggie Rogers says:

    Jess Williams Rhys Davies

  11. Luke Symonds says:

    Sam Sidders Sam Peachey Charlie Schermuly Lewis

  12. Chloe Isabella Mastaglio says:

    I had major Reading withdrawals whilst looking at videos last night!

  13. Dylan Thomas says:

    Tom Picton

  14. Lucy Lee says:

    Kathryn De Oliveira 🙁

  15. Harrison Taz Martin says:

    Paul Hunt Nick Williams Charlie Robinson Kane Copsey

  16. Tom Slater says:

    Maybe limit the number of excitable 16 year olds next year

  17. George O'Connor says:


  18. Teri-Ann Fisher says:

    Mary Powell Kelly Ann Morton 😭😭❤️❤️

  19. Tasmin Driscoll says:

    Jimmy Cutting is that you????

  20. Maurice Macken says:

    Seems like so long ago now

  21. Hollie Mozzarella says:

    Luke Connor Henry Sonny

  22. Samantha Tasker says:

    Rebecca Hankins…we need to be back there! X

  23. Rebecca Sinead says:

    Alice O’Flynn

  24. Adam Malloy says:


  25. Mo Khan says:

    Matt Sneddon Sophie Reed Sophie Barry Oliver Scourfield Martha Walters Becky Harris Melissa Walter Ellie Woodman Emily Ardagh-Walter Nia Morgan Jamie John Will Jenkins Emma Hopkins ❤️

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