WE ARE LIVE with the incredible VANT exclusively previewing their set ahead of t…

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WE ARE LIVE with the incredible VANT exclusively previewing their set ahead of their performance on the Festival Republic stage on Saturday at Reading. Enjoy!



25 Responses

  1. Matty Cooper says:

    Karma Seeker!!

  2. Adam Prickett says:

    Elmo and cookie monster will be there as always 😂

  3. Toren Purser says:

    Yes boys!! Go on Mattie!!

  4. Drew Wayne says:

    You were brilliant at boardmasters, will definitely be coming to see you somewhere on tour

  5. Micky Keen says:

    And mr greenie green. rock solid as ever!

  6. Matty Cooper says:


  7. Tim Leay says:

    Yeah boys see next weekend ladies and gents. Rock out with your. Songs out

  8. Katy Ryder says:

    Hi again Colette

  9. Colette Davidson says:

    Hi Katy <3

  10. Mary Johnson says:

    Yooooooou Hooooooooo 😁

  11. Katy Ryder says:

    I can tell

  12. Katy Ryder says:

    They arent showing enough Billy

  13. Colette Davidson says:

    There he is

  14. Josh Rogers says:

    What’s up bro

  15. Jo V Robertson says:

    Gonna be worth a watch at reading

  16. Colette Davidson says:

    BILLY omg <3

  17. Ben Cantellow says:


  18. Ollie Edwards says:

    Get out Luke you’re not going Reading

  19. Katie-Mae Griffith says:

    Ahh Billy!!!

  20. Peren Yang says:

    sorry i am in library Lol

  21. Ronan Taggart says:

    Can’t wait for you me at six tour!!

  22. Manuel Godos Maldonado says:

    Thanks 🙌🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  23. VANT says:

    That was fun! Thanks for all the views & comments dudes & dudettes, see you next week x

  24. Alayne Blackburn says:

    Saw you on Soccer Am! See you at Reading!

  25. Dan Brown says:

    Noble, you’ll like these chaps! One for the list on Saturday…

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