Thursday at Glastonbury Festival 2022 – photos and highlights

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Glastonbury Festival 2022, Thursday highlights

There’s something really special about Thursdays at Glastonbury. It’s maybe something to do with the fact that main stages don’t fire up for another day.

That means it really is the best opportunity for emerging bands to make their mark – so a top tip for agents with new talent on your roster is to push as hard as possible for Thursday slots, because the crowds will be big, keen, eager, and loud.

And for audiences the best part of Thursday’s is the fact that the journey around the site is more of a slow voyage of exploration as you get your bearings and work out where everything is… so there is every chance you will get drawn into an interesting-sounding set and have the luxury of being able to stay around to check it out without feeling you are missing one of your must-see main stage bands.

For us there was a brilliant mix of catching acts we’d never seen before, bands who we’d only ever seen in small venues previously, and a few stone-cold festival favourites.

First timers (for us)

Thrill Collins

These three guys rocked our socks off with brilliant skiffle-esque medleys of hip-hop and power pop classics and the Truth stage was baying for more as the rounded of with a marathon number that felt it would never end.

Thrill Collins
Thrill Collins

Lewis McLaughlin

Lewis and his band were winners of the Glastonbury Emerging Talent competition and will be hitting the Acoustic Stage over the weekend… but for today they settled with a warm-up (quite literally given the steam emerging from the sweaty Rabbit Hole tent) that saw crowds stretching out into the Park arena as hundreds more people turned up than the venue could physically accommodate.

Lewis McLaughlin – after their inaugural Glastonbury gig

Bands on the up

Nova Twins

We first saw Nova Twins supporting Kid Kapichi in a small venue in Hastings. Since then both bands have exploded, and it was great to see Ben from KK in the crowd going absolutely mental with everyone else as the Nova Twins set fire to the Truth Stage up in Shangri-La.

Ben – Nova Twins biggest fan? Certainly the tallest in this crowd!

Nova Twins have everything a band needs wrapped up in a perfectly neat little package.

Raw energy, great songs, passion, looks, and attitude.

Given the bills they have appeared on recently we can’t see them doing anything but go stratospheric over the next year or so.

Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs (Pigsx7)

We often complain there isn’t enough punk at Glastonbury.

Pigsx7 make up for that all on their own.

What can we say that adds anything to their blistering stage show?

All we can tell you is that you have to be there – so next time you get a chance get down the front and prepare for a full-on aural assault.

Festival Favourites

Beans on Toast

One of our claims to fame is that back in 2007 we were booking the Left Field stage and gave Beans on Toast his first official Glastonbury gig.

Since then he hasn’t looked back, and he has toured the planet with his wry wit, guitar, and distinctive voice.

This year he is playing a gig a day at the festival, although he snuck in a guest slot with Will Varley on the Greenpeace Stage before hitting Truth.

Will Varley

If you know him, you love him.

Will Varley is just one of those artists who it is impossible not to find totally engaging right from the off.

We’ve seen him perform countless times, but each gig is just like the first time all over again.

Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip

Utterly mad (madder than the proverbial bag of cats), Mik Artistik can’t be stuck in any convenient pigeonhole.

He exudes a joyful aura of dada-istic observational humour as each of his songs veers off on a new and bizarre tangent.

Plastic garden ornaments. Persistent leaves. Lights (are on). Everything is fair game.

Glastonbury 2022, Thursday photo gallery


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