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This way to Reading ’16

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This way to Reading ’16

This way to Reading ’16 πŸ™Œβ˜€πŸ˜



25 Responses

  1. Joanne Freeguard says:

    Helen Kelly πŸ€”πŸ˜

  2. Charlie Godden says:

    Nah but Reading Shmeading

  3. Antony Waterson says:

    Not for me. Lineups shocking

  4. Stefan Roderick says:

    Like that do you Owain Chick?

  5. Helen Mulholland says:

    Joe Willey

  6. Liam Holmes says:

    Look how hipster it’s become, looks more like v festival

  7. Sophie Williams says:

    Anneka Dawkins

  8. Fiona Newton says:

    Izzy Antibes

  9. Richard Skerritt says:

    Notice everyone walking the other wat…obviously heard about foals ans disclosure

  10. Wiola Szczyrbowska says:

    Can you give info about Nothing More? When they will play? On Friday or on Saturday? Because poster is little confusing.

  11. Abigail Wood says:

    Emily Bowen Mattie JonesπŸ™†

  12. Georgia Penfield says:

    Chris Ellard πŸ™ πŸ™

  13. Otis Hurst says:

    Jacobs Bagshaw

  14. Katherine Hatton says:

    Ella Rolph

  15. Amelia Daly says:

    Taidgh Grant Harris

  16. Johnny Edsel Hargreaves says:

    No more hairy rockers and whiny emos. It really is now a full-on trendy hipster paradise. The Chilis should hang their heads in shame. Fucking sell-outs.

  17. Joe Townsend says:

    Harry Hemming

  18. Grant 'Josh' Renouf says:

    all the 15 year old ket heads that raided through most peoples tents last year

  19. Ashley Davies says:

    Clare Clare Davies

  20. Marjorie Underwood says:

    Charlie Baker

  21. John Rose says:

    But where are all the decent bands you promised…:-(

  22. Lara Sibley says:

    Olivia reading never ever looked like this ..

  23. Thomas Powell says:

    Ryan Williams Jordan James Jordan Cutchy James 🎢

  24. Katie Gifford says:

    Jessica 😍😒😍😒

  25. Geraint Lynch says:

    Nikki Williams πŸ™Š

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