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This time last month we were a day away from opening our gates for early bird ti…

This time last month we were a day away from opening our gates for early bird ticket holders. One month down 11 to go!



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  1. Alex Amoré says:

    😭😭😭 James Jinx O’Donnell Claire Warren Carl Fordham Lucas Gladwin Mike Udall Jessica Udall Lindsay Wood

  2. Niamh Rachael Adams says:


  3. David Pond says:

    Alice Copeland Cameron Wallace

  4. Demi Leigh Jorgensen says:

    Kerrie Dows 11 months eeeeeee

  5. Danniella Susan Graham says:

    😭😭😭 take me back! Elliott T Lewis

  6. Beth Turbitt says:

    Megan June AndersonCalum Hailey

  7. Aimee Hamilton says:

    Holly Albrighton🎉

  8. Sophie Cook says:

    Samuel Farr 🙁

  9. Karly Adamson says:

    Sophie Mackie Remi Fitzroy Noni Lane

  10. Kayleigh Ralphs says:


  11. Lauren McEvoy says:

    Christina Carrara a month ago!? How crazy

  12. Sam Gosling says:

    Any ideas when we will be getting the first announcement? :L been having serious Reading withdrawal symptoms :L

  13. Alexandra Wheeler says:

    So depressing! Nick Shadbolt

  14. Auriane Whitmore says:

    One month since we set up camp guys, I want to go back 🙁 Jamie Lamprell Siobhan Byrne Laura Wooton Kamil Stach Charlotte Calver Pamela-Sue Wells Laura-Rory Anne Wells !!!

  15. Elle Love says:

    Tigi Barry 😥😥😥😥

  16. Charlotte Crane says:

    Connie-Marie Crane Was Townsend Phoebe Marsh

  17. Adam Lewin says:

    😭😭 Sam Lewin Dan Rigler Simon Willis

  18. Dan Rigler says:


  19. Jœy Dūffŷ says:

    #campballbag Steven Lee Alwyn Goatham Pinky Mcghee

  20. Pinky Mcghee says:

    we need one of them that says welcome to camp pool bag lol

  21. Jenny Kearney says:

    Mandius Lundal

  22. Emily Loader says:

    April Eaton

  23. Olivia Sturla says:

    Daisy Murphy this has made me so sad

  24. Daisy Murphy says:

    Last month<3 Olivia Sturla

  25. Jason MacDonald says:

    my post festival blues werent as bad this year but this makes me feel a bit sad

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