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There’s only six days left to watch BBC Three’s coverage from Reading festival v…

There’s only six days left to watch BBC Three’s coverage from Reading festival via BBC iPlayer. We don’t want to let go just yet 🙁



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  1. Joe Richardson says:

    Hey, there’s always vids on YouTube 😀

  2. Shanice Wainwright says:

    It was the best weekend of my life so far, without a doubt. The line up was perfect!

  3. Alex Murphy says:

    Why isn’t all the acts on iPlayer?

  4. Andrew Masters says:

    Shanice Wainwright mine 2.

  5. Charlotte Clarke says:

    Mary-Jade Harris Jess Usher guess what we’re doing tomorrow then

  6. Erin Davy-Northrop says:

    Stef Bling-Nail Cooper you have to watch it before they get rid!!!!

  7. Lia Melconian says:

    Georgina McCoig Eoin O’Sullivan

  8. Jason MacDonald says:

    got it all on tivo.. got 2012 still too!

  9. Chris Clemenson-Smith says:

    If you havent already seen it 🙂 Jade Elizabeth, Craig Alexander Kayla Frost

  10. Harry Miller says:

    It was a teriable year glas I didn’t go

  11. Alan Martin says:

    Ashley Dustan

  12. James Godfrey says:


  13. Paige O'Neill says:

    cannot bring myself to watch it for the fear of how rubbish i will feel afterwards

  14. Mateus Lopes says:

    Rodrigo amiga a foto……….

  15. Calli Jones says:

    shall we have a night in and all watch this? Harry Simmons

  16. Will Ravenscroft says:

    needed more of die antwoord’s set, that was my most unexpectedly amazing set of the weekend… phenomenal and i wish i could watch it all again 🙁

  17. Marlina Azmi says:

    This year was my first time in Reading and came all the way from Kuala Lumpur for it. I loved it so much that I’m planning another Euro trip next year to come for Reading again 😀

  18. Cara Maclean says:

    I cannot even describe how complete my life was when Arctic Monkeys were playing.

  19. Dom Curtis says:

    Next year, I want a Boom Bap Stage!

  20. Edmond Lenarth says:


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