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The world’s first time travelling dance party Hot Dub Time Machine is coming to …

The world’s first time travelling dance party Hot Dub Time Machine is coming to Reading! Playing tracks from 50’s – 10’s it’s all about singing, dancing and having a BIG party 🎉🎉🎉



25 Responses

  1. Daniel Carter says:

    Charlie Hawkins Luke Hawkins

  2. Zoe Longhurst says:

    Sophie Holland

  3. Jordan Logan says:

    Lucy De Cort

  4. Gwen McCreath Walton says:

    Robyn McCreath Dan ☺☺

  5. Sarah Trim says:

    Two weeks till we’re amongst this and filthy bastards! Matt Potter Jordan Gregg Emily Doull-Reeves

  6. Katie Louise Sears says:

    Amy Jay Butler Ellie Butler

  7. Lauren Tasker-Boston says:

    Olivia Boston!!!?

  8. Kiera McCleary says:

    Emily Grace

  9. Megan Kelleher-rance says:

    Sam Kelleher-rance

  10. Caitlin Bevan says:

    Sophie Humphries

  11. Jordan Jones says:

    Hayley Curzon

  12. Hayley Perry Nichols says:

    Jodie Rowley Callaghan

  13. Lori Lynn Anderson says:

    Lauren Rose

  14. Aimée Bainbridge says:

    Zoe Louise Riley Jack Riley

  15. Rebecca Harvey says:

    Megan Brown

  16. Lou Rogerson says:

    12 days guys!!! 😀 Ollie Cotterill Leyla Cobb Nathan Bowley Hollie Keenan Jake Baker-West Dave Glover Sam Bickell

  17. Izzie Paterson says:

    Eleanor OIOI🎉

  18. Kirsty Adams says:

    Danny Lightfoot Shaun Harvey I want to do this!!!!

  19. Jack Brown says:

    Mitch Clifton

  20. Will Aston says:

    Matt Millard Amelia Cooper😎😎

  21. Tom Appleton says:

    James White

  22. Georgina Burdett says:

    Sasha Daley no way!!!!

  23. Poppy Watts says:

    Sophie Esmee

  24. Jason Obrien says:

    Gary Robinson

  25. Cassie Brown says:

    Lauren Weaving

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