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The perfect backdrop for the group picture….

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The perfect backdrop for the group picture….

The perfect backdrop for the group picture….



25 Responses

  1. Harry Innes says:

    Zak Caston

  2. Amber Johnston says:

    Emma Bean

  3. Jasmine Yeo says:

    Lauren Gilbert

  4. Alan Sinclair says:

    Mags Cadger, Davie Tait, David Cadger, Gillian Waugh been there done that

  5. Nhavie Mckenzie Healy says:

    Simone Codrington Laura Sian Codrington

  6. Danielle Wren says:

    Immy Knight Laura ChacksfieldEmma Powell 😏😏😏😏

  7. Luke Murray says:

    Joe Bwye Squad pic here Jheeze 🔥🔥

  8. Daniel Jepson says:

    Paul Spires

  9. Nugget Harps says:

    Every guy has pissed up this wall x

  10. Brianna Howell says:

    Matt Rudd Nick Metcalfe Jamahl Augustine Cerys Louise Davies Lanica Agnew Peter Brett Heather Gould we’ll definitely have to get a photo by this!!

  11. Matt Shoring says:

    Andy Shoring Craig Baldwin shell we

  12. Sam Wright says:

    Can’t wait to get the lads photo here👌😩 Joe Bleasdale😂

  13. Mike Chapter says:

    James Williams where was this last year?

  14. Paige T Sheldrake says:

    Chelsea Terry;)

  15. Jordan C Etchells says:

    Sound ! Any jumpers being sold ?

  16. Clothilde Doumenc says:

    Clou Nvs ah Oui Oui

  17. Jason MacDonald says:

    Before it gets covered in piss and mud

  18. Natalie Gibbs says:

    Abbie Louise Steph Gibbs Emma Mccance

  19. Jess Whittaker says:

    Bethan Malins we need to take a selfie stick because we have no friends

  20. Lizzie Mills says:

    Kelly Leggat Natasha Simmons us

  21. Emily Bassett says:

    Alice Florence Caple Iola Coppard Rosie Smith Natasha Chilcott have to get this as a group pic

  22. Andrew Custance says:

    Ben Hines have you still got our pic of this mate x

  23. Isabelle Kate Strike says:

    Katie Goodfellow Joanna Blacklock Alex Hollyoake

  24. Nicola Willetts says:

    Stacey Price

  25. Nicola Willetts says:

    Catherine Collis

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