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The Main Stage is coming along nicely :-)…

The Main Stage is coming along nicely 🙂
3 weeks today and our campers will be putting up their tents!



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  1. Rachel C Williams says:

    Michaela Needham ekk

  2. Nathan Webb says:

    Release extra tickets 😞

  3. Geza Wrighton says:

    I will be there with my super dodgems ! No 1

  4. Jay Cee says:

    Stephen Christopher Dunne

  5. Ross Curtis says:

    Will it be blistering heat or torrential arseraping downpour though, that is the question.

  6. Jess Butler says:

    Daniel Hicks 🙈🙈🙈

  7. Geza Wrighton says:

    Traylens fun fair in the main arena !

  8. Mel Lgx says:

    Indeed 😉

  9. Anthony Puddick says:

    Simon Gordon Dan Salter George Pope Mark Shuff Adam Fyfield

  10. Lisa Finlayson says:

    Hopefully my ticket will arrive before the festival starts

  11. Alex Bell says:

    Riannon King

  12. Thomas Aurelius says:

    Amber Darby even this makes me excited like i cant handle this much longer

  13. Diane Burdett says:

    Laura Bowkett memories

  14. Raegan Brady-Vaas says:

    I seriously need to think about getting a tent

  15. Ben Jones says:

    Actually cant waitt 👍👍

  16. Nicole A. Evans-Dear says:

    When are tickets likely to be posted

  17. Jason Waterman says:

    Alexandra Wheeler 😝😝

  18. Lee Stacey says:

    A great stage! Shame about the line up that gonna be on it!

  19. Tony Cole says:

    Grace Buckhurst Georgia Mortenson-Dicks Emma Kelly

  20. Shaun Nedd says:

    Laura Chilvers

  21. Manon Cht says:

    Elisa *-*

  22. Charlotte Louise Chapman says:

    Anna Gordon Sasha King

  23. Lauren Fell says:

    Hannah Louise

  24. Ben Smith says:

    Will ‘Raymond’ Cheesman Jay Whitehead Sam Cornelius Laura McEwan

  25. Matt Price says:

    3 weeks yesterday for some of us Ah Ha

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