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Thanks to your votes we’ve been shortlisted for ‘Best Major Festival’ and ‘Headl…

Thanks to your votes we’ve been shortlisted for ‘Best Major Festival’ and ‘Headline Performance of The Year – Arctic Monkeys’ in the UK Festival Awards



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  1. Miles Blackburn says:

    If QOTSA had a decent headliner time slot (not 5 minutes more than fucking macklemore) I’d like to think they’d be nominated

  2. Catriona Gellatly says:

    AM were so disappointing though!! Blink 182 made the weekend for me 😍

  3. Chloe Oliver says:

    AM were so boring though :/

  4. Hannah Laura says:

    They were good just as a headliner on the poster. Didn’t quite make it to being good on stage

  5. Michael Rennie says:

    Queens were much better!

  6. Adam Hughes says:

    Esher Mandair we was there!

  7. Kat Welts says:

    AM were so so so naff! Blink beat them hands down!

  8. Izzie Dyer says:

    QOTSA were better even with a shorter slot

  9. Marlon Minty says:

    Wow. How Arctic Monkeys have been nominated I will never know. It was a dreadful performance at a very mediocre festival.
    Must do better.

  10. Lauren Romo says:

    Who even nominated them .. Biggest letdown

  11. Gary Wilson says:

    QOTSA was so much better!

  12. CooL-خليك says:

    Cardiff – Reading

    live stream


  13. Macaully Eveleigh says:

    Queens of the Stone Age smashed it! So many people were so surprised with how good they were! They were fantastic!

  14. Oliver Duffy says:

    Queens Of The Stone Age @ Reading ’14, best festival performance since Queen at Live Aid.
    Blink 182 at Reading ’14, worst festival performance since Daphne and Celeste at Reading 2000

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