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We pride ourselves in knowing a thing or two about what makes a great festival act. And The Sweetchunks Band tick all our boxes.

After 25 years of walking the fields and experiencing all of the highs and lows of festival life there’s no questioning that we’ve seen and heard some truly awful stuff in our day.

Inappropriate bookings like Daphne and Celeste at Reading Festival spring to mind.

And then there have been moments when global megastars have been caught out doing really bad karaoke…don’t remind us about the Kanye West cover of Bohemian Rhapsody… URGH…

So whenever we find something magnificently authentic and utterly original we pause to celebrate – because festivals are about discovery…and when you find a band like The Sweetchunks you just have to hold them to your bosom and squeeze them until it hurts.

Imaginative, quirky, observational (and often in tune), The Sweetchunks Band float like a butterfly and sing like the bees they so fondly worship.

If you want to start a buzz they are the band you need to book onto any stage that needs a little life breathing into it.

Trust us – we’re festival doctors…

Rest assured – they’re f*ckin’ awsome!


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