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Rockaway Beach Festival news: Rockaway Beach Festival

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🎳 Some pretty awesome stuff was said about January’s #RB22, so we thought we’d share some of our favourite quotes with you on our 6th edition. There’s not a lot that a weekend full of top tier live music, a fully stocked arcade and bar, and a comfy bed for the night can’t fix, right?

🎟 So… same time next year? Tickets for #RB23 are on sale now at bit.ly/Rockaway23 – use code RB10 to save £10 on your booking.

Rockaway Beach Festival

Rockaway Beach


5 Responses

  1. Tracy Pearce says:

    I have already booked, always a fantastic weekend away, when are you going to start teasing us with a line up..?

  2. Jane Ford says:

    Feeling the love for RB❤️

  3. Karen Hughes says:

    Booked whilst I was there. Such a great start to the year.

  4. Rhoda Dakar says:

    All true – a room full of joy!

  5. Paul Foot says:

    We got tickets on the way back from this years festival

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