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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Wompy Woods, Lost Lands – 2022

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Wompy Woods, Lost Lands – 2022

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5 Responses

  1. Oh that’s dope, didn’t know they had lil chill areas like that.

  2. RaginBuu says:

    Secret dreams crowd cleared those woods out haha.

  3. Coach_Louis says:

    My biggest complaint with this venue are all the God damn rocks, I get it, it’s an old rock quarry, but the rocks along this incline is ankle rolling central. The venue could reach out to any one of these festivals to offer a few free tickets to volunteers, and with like 50 to 100 people all of those rocks could be cleaned up in a day. Start at the top and toss them down working your way down until they’re collected at the bottom in the little ravine at the bottom then collect and clear them out. Or at least that was the plan I figured out while tripping balls at secret dreams

  4. Grinsha14 says:

    sat right there on that log to the right it was a great spot

  5. Saw some massive spiders up in that area while laying down. Did not go back

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