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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS What do you make of this?

What do you make of this?

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  1. Ya_Got_GOT says:

    At Travis Scott gigs, dying is free. What a bargain.

  2. Mlion14 says:

    Why do I feel like this has more to do with trying to not get sued than doing the right thing. By returning attendees money it potentially limits a class action from people claiming damages.

  3. tyrone_badu says:

    This is what’s known as “Damage Control.”

  4. traaaashley says:

    More likely Day N Vegas was already looking to replace him and since one whole day of the fest was canceled its likely refunds were going to have to be issued sooner (by will) or later (through legal).

  5. osezza says:

    What about the families of the attendees who lost their lives?

  6. AeonDisc says:

    Damage control

  7. Xboxben says:

    Here’s a refund with a clause that says you won’t sue if you take it!

  8. by_the_bleezy says:

    As another comment said, its damage control..he incites violence. I hope he gets sued out the ass and gets canceled (hate that word but it fits here)

  9. dMayy says:

    Bet it’s a partial refund haha.

  10. johnforestgray says:

    He’s a manslaughterer

  11. No-Environment-6571 says:

    Kris Jenner with the spin

  12. Staylucidtrippin says:

    I doubt he is distraught but i mean that would be cool af if he refunded tickets

  13. fettuccine- says:

    damage control

  14. gbo1148 says:

    Yeah, make it about you homie. What tf ever. This dude should be held accountable for his actions.

  15. that1senpai2 says:

    Don’t let this deflect from the fact he is totally responsible (amongst others from this company) that are responsible for a human stampede that cause people to die and suffer.

    Fuck this crocodile

  16. taelor says:

    I think this was a great idea developed by is PR and Legal team.

  17. sandmandj says:

    His previous behavior flat out disproves his attempt fix the situation. “too distraught to play”, riiiiiight

  18. Champaganthony says:

    Its a start

  19. SolitaryMarmot says:

    Insurance company returned the premium.

  20. shittaco1991 says:

    Wonder if you can refund life

  21. ElGoldenGringo says:

    He didn’t pul out of day n night, his ass was dropped by the promoters for being a liability. Many promoters are following suit for his 2022 festival slots.

    Gunna be a while if ever before he plays a live show again.

  22. jenjensexypants says:

    At the moment he’s fucked because he’s a walking liability now. Good fucking luck finding anyone willing to insure such an after all that.

  23. Aaaaand-its-gone says:

    *scott’s lawyers decision

  24. Mrsunderstoodluv says:

    In my opinion, he shouldn’t be refunding anyone. He should be paying for the funerals of the people that died. All those people were part of the reason why it turned out the way it did.

  25. [deleted] says:


  26. xnnyboi says:

    So pathetic to make this out to be his fault. This could’ve happened to anybody. Every show I’ve ever been to had ppl passing out and looking unconscious. That’s what you sign up for. Travis 🐐 performer

  27. zbo9 says:

    Turns out, he did no have the antidote

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