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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS We call upon Reddit to take action against the rampant Coronavirus misinformation on their website.

We call upon Reddit to take action against the rampant Coronavirus misinformation on their website.

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  1. [deleted] says:

    For fucks sake – the way to combat disinformation is to debate it. Show why it is wrong.

    Not to ask Daddy to silence everyone who I disagree with.

  2. ThewFflegyy says:

    is corporate censorship really the solution here? seems incredibly short sighted.

  3. redditmakesyouadumby says:

    Stunning and Brave reddit.

    Every time we ask Tech CEO’s to be the arbiters of truth things get worse and worse

  4. arontraskk says:

    Anti-vaxxers are lame as fuck why are there so many idiots in this thread? Excited for festivals to start requiring proof of vaccine so I never have to see any of you there

  5. BigMexBlzr says:

    Stop using Reddit, problem solved!….. Also,”2 weeks to flatten the curve.”…. Remember that misinformation….

  6. Herodotus22 says:

    Hello all, I just wanted to chime in here with some quick info.

    We support the science behind vaccinations but we do not actively support censorship of any kind.

    The idea behind this community was for it to function the same way a festival would – people should be free to express themselves in any way they want, **as long as their expression isn’t harming others**.

    I personally have never seen misinformation about vaccines being spread in this community until this post was made. I understand and respect that you have the right to do whatever you choose with your body, including not being vaccinated. However, if your choice to not get a vaccination/PCR test is potentially putting others in danger, then you are just being an inconsiderate human. Don’t get vaccinated, but stay home and away from crowds.

    The mods in this sub walk a very thin line between being passive and active when it comes to the conversations here. Yes, we have banned people in the past, but it was **only** for spamming. We have never banned someone for expressing themselves.

    I have a lot of faith in this community and believe that the members here will make their voices/upvotes heard, whether I agree with it or not. If you feel compelled to make a post in the festivals subreddit about vaccines, it will probably not be removed. But that is not the kind of content that should be posted here anyway.

    It costs you nothing to be kind to one another. We have been a welcoming and successful community here for more than a decade and we intend to keep it going.

  7. Vagadude says:

    If you agree with censorship gtfo reddit. Take your high and mighty attitude and stay on Twitter. That was the saddest display of virtuous bullshit I’ve ever seen. Mods banding together to collectively speak for millions of people in subs that have nothing to do with politics or covid like they’re trying to save humanity.

    Seriously. Take your high horses and leave people alone. This is giving way more attention and fuel to the fires of misinformation and the mods smug little noses are so far up each other’s asses to smell the smoke.

    You do not defeat speech by banning it. Censorship on a private platform is still censorship.

  8. AbstractMediums says:

    No one cares what you want freedom reigns baby. Screw you fear mongers.

  9. MasamuneTrigger says:

    I’ve seen little misinformation in this subreddit regarding COVID, but I have seen a disturbing amount of vaccine skepticism.

    Funny how a community known for consuming substances has so many people reluctant to put something beneficial in their body.

  10. Willing-Chair says:

    “such as trying to convince people that a tested, FDA approved vaccine will cause death.”

    Are you trying to claim FDA approved drugs (including vaccines) can’t or don’t ever cause death? This is laughable.

  11. joesniffedmeee says:

    Yeah fuck off.

    Festivals R about openness, not ur feelings of self superiority

  12. [deleted] says:


  13. wherestheoption says:

    Lol. You’re in a subreddit where people believe in crystals that give energy and birthdays are a complete guidleine of how your life will turnout. I got my vaccine. I doubt a thread on reddit is gona get festival people to get their shot.

  14. ruoka says:

    Boo this post has nothing to do with festivals, mod please delete! Oh wait it was posted by a mod. Garbage sub!

  15. [deleted] says:


  16. Voiceofthemachines says:

    I’m glad I ain’t from this generation of cuckolds

  17. [deleted] says:

    r/NoNewNormal is the best page going right now, bless all of them.

  18. toomanysynths says:

    glad to see this. overdue

  19. Tripped_Your_Trigger says:

    Forced injections = RAPE

    Fuck off rapists!

    Go take some xanax to deal with your anxieties over a virus with a 99.97% survival rate

  20. [deleted] says:

    Never taking the jab – got tickets to multiple festivals this Fall

    See you in the pit.

  21. ChumleyEX says:

    I call upon Reddit to maintain open discussion and give the finger to bullies that try to force censorship on all its users.

    Now let me go post that in every sub. Sheesh

  22. dapperKillerWhale says:

    OP, are you a doctor? Do you know that science involves competing theories, experimentation, and changing conclusions? Cuz it seems like you just “trust the science”, which is ironically unscientific.

    Maybe a mod or someone here can explain to me where you draw the “misinformation” line in this article: https://blogs.bmj.com/bmj/2021/08/23/does-the-fda-think-these-data-justify-the-first-full-approval-of-a-covid-19-vaccine/

    And then maybe you can explain to me why this rule doesnt apply to Fauci, who knowingly lied when he said masks werent effective at the start of the pandemic?

  23. djcryptik says:


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