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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Virtual Summercamp Schedule

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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Virtual Summercamp Schedule

Virtual Summercamp Schedule

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  1. [deleted] says:


  2. SeaOfBullshit says:

    Soooo… It’s this weekend? That’s why there’s no dates?

  3. bootnuts says:

    There’s a portopotty at the construction site near me. I’m gonna go do coke in it to really immerse in the experience

  4. blaze4jesus20 says:

    I think this ones worth it just to watch the pigeons play ping pong

  5. decafgrl420 says:

    I’ve never listened to Umphrey’s McGee but I had an English teacher in high school who was quite fond of them. I think of him every time I see the band’s name

  6. Snackwolf says:

    Anybody getting the pass? Thinking about just streaming this all day in the office.

  7. jamin_brook says:

    Is this today? or in August?

  8. Vagadude says:

    What platform do they stream on? Youtube? Facebook? or their own website?

  9. kasty12 says:

    Can someone post the info of when this is and where to watch?

  10. See5harp says:

    It’s so weird to me which artists outside of genre end up getting accepted by the jam band fans.

  11. ccottonball says:

    I love how they are charging money to access this and can’t even give you exact set times.

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  13. lemiweinks2 says:

    are these just set videos or are they actually doong live streams?

  14. ametsun says:

    TWIDDLE. I’m from vermont. Lol

  15. taz3781 says:

    Can someone who has purchased the ticket fill us in on whether or not these will be available on demand afterwards? I would love to get the ticket if I can go back and play this when I can actually watch. Unfortunately, I’m busy this weekend and would definitely not be able to catch the shows during specific times.

  16. jessehkuh says:

    I love how all the set times are at 7:30ish and 12ish haha

  17. octopusinflames says:

    So was STS9 a past set? Because if I’m interpreting the key correctly it seems like maybe it’s a little bit of footage from a previous scamp set and maybe a bit of an interview as well? Possibly about the set?

  18. stokednsteezy says:

    first 10 mins of manic focus sets right chyeer: [https://www.facebook.com/summercampmusicfestival/videos/2870483333179233/](https://www.facebook.com/summercampmusicfestival/videos/2870483333179233/)

  19. awesomecoolguy2 says:

    I believe it’s available till June 17th after.

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