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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS The Weeknd and Swedish House Mafia Replacing Kanye West at Coachella

The Weeknd and Swedish House Mafia Replacing Kanye West at Coachella

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17 Responses

  1. toastercookie says:

    SHM has always been on the lineup tho

  2. The_What_Stage says:

    JMO as someone who has seen both Kanye and The Weeknd, but has never gone to Coachella …

    The Weeknd for Kanye is probably the best case scenario for Coachellians, and also one that probably could have been predicted 12 months ago.

    If someone has a betting line on Kanye still showing up plz lemme know

  3. Mack_B says:

    Not that I’m going, but if I was I’d consider that a huge trade-up myself!

  4. Lafayette-De-Marquis says:

    Probably one of weakest lineups for Coachella I’ve ever seen.

  5. MexicansInParis says:

    The Weeknd alone would’ve and should’ve been the best replacement.

  6. rastacheech420 says:

    Danny Elfman? The dude who makes music for the Simpsons and family guy?

  7. B4SSF4C3 says:

    A vast inprovement

  8. berettaswag says:

    Man Coachella is trash now a days

  9. DaZerg says:

    Should’ve added Run the Jewels.

  10. Rave_queen_xo says:

    That’s a pretty good trade deal

  11. fonsoc says:

    I must be getting old cause that’s a whack ass lineup. Disclosure > Billie or at least the same

  12. mholt9821 says:

    Didnt kanye west drop out already?

  13. PureSquash says:

    That could actually be a fire mashup

  14. headoverfeet2021 says:

    Kanye West won’t be able to play at Coachella this month.

  15. 5ream says:

    There goes my Ticket

  16. zacharialewis9224 says:

    Sad lineup honestly

  17. Substantial-Humor329 says:

    Seems like a win to me🤷🏼‍♀️

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