REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS The Peach full lineup is out!

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The Peach full lineup is out!

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  1. mynamescody says:

    super stacked

  2. wherestheoption says:


  3. ohbehave412 says:

    One set of umphreys is not enough. I hope they play 2 sets or at least play for 2 hours.

  4. SavinThatBacon says:

    This looks like pretty much every noteworthy jam band playing right now.

  5. Litmusdragon says:

    Dang wish Bonnaroo still had Oysterhead

  6. Tahoeclown says:


  7. Uncle_Onion_Pits says:

    Beyond hyped for this. Definitely the best peach lineup to date. See yall at the 🍑

  8. internet_mancub says:

    Go watch Yak Attack’s set. Fantastic electronic jam trio!

  9. redditispoison12345 says:

    Missing Jacie Greene.

  10. kuloko says:

    Does this mean Bisco may happen?

  11. Jerryatemypez says:

    Super hype for oysterhead and all the jam bands and dead sets. Im also super excited to see turkuaz and the talking heads members play through all of Remain in light. That is gonna be really fun I bet.

  12. BocaRaven says:


  13. MobileVortex says:

    Hot Damn

  14. choidujour says:

    Can’t fucking wait!!

  15. JambandThrowster says:

    lost Billy Strings, Goose, Rebelution, Tower of Power, Steel Pulse and replaced with nany bands. Good but not great lineup for Peach.

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