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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS The Isaiah J. Thompson Quartet performs on February 7 at 4 PM ET

**JOIN THE GILMORE** for a season of sensational classical and jazz keyboard music, live streamed from Kalamazoo and around the world! We’re delighted to present a [full season featuring world-class and emerging artists](https://www.thegilmore.org/2020-2021-season-calendar/) in live stream performances, each of which will be presented using state-of-the-art video, sound, and lighting technology.

Isaiah J. Thompson leads his jazz quartet with virtuoso playing and solid technique, coupled with the confidence of a born band leader. Jazz aficionados will notice homages to jazz greats throughout this performance, but very much appreciate the quartet’s fresh, original approach.

[Learn more](https://www.thegilmore.org/event/isaiah-j-thompson-quartet/) and [get your ticket today.](https://thegilmore.anywhereseat.com/access.php?event_id=10159&time_id=10082&_ga=2.129990924.1248018234.1611600828-1676019810.1596462850)

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