REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS So someone was really pissed at Rockville last night…

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So someone was really pissed at Rockville last night…

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  1. Feed_Me_Weird_Things says:

    No bullshit, TOOL just announced them as their supporting act!

  2. Vagadude says:

    Take notes Travis Scott, this is how you treat your fans right.

  3. Guinness2013 says:

    Maybe he got stung on the face by a jelly fish.

  4. coffeeandsand says:

    Welcome to ~~Rockville~~ Daytona Beach!

  5. C-wizzle93 says:

    VIP keeps getting better and better

  6. Mcgwizz says:

    Quote from u/overloadrages “Early in the set she said she had to pee and the worst thing when having to pee during a set and you can’t. Then said she wants to pee on someone who volunteers. Pointed out a guy. Then said after this song. Played a cover of The Pot by Tool. Then no mention of it. Then later after a few songs she drank some watee and pointed at the guy said I didn’t forget. Then at the end invited the guy from the crowd up and he got down and she did that. They were live on twitch but the feed got cut at some point .”

  7. [deleted] says:

    What in tarnation

  8. suburban-dad says:

    Singer’s name is Sofia, her fiance is Jess King, Peloton Instructor.

  9. VIC_MENTALS says:

    This has to be one of the most wtf things I have ever seen

  10. DocGerbil256 says:

    Damn first titty milk girl and now this why am I not going to the right festivals?

  11. wastedpotential31886 says:

    This better not awaken anything in me

  12. Rue_Bixcube says:

    If this is what you’re looking for, urine the right place.

  13. Suck_It- says:

    BigKlit ain’t got nothing on this chick

  14. Johnnyring0 says:

    Sophia Urista

  15. dlxnj says:

    Now that’s punk rock

  16. accountforquickans says:

    This was truly disgusting

  17. DungeonsAndDeadlifts says:

    What band was this?

  18. WAPs_and_Prayers says:

    I had a weird dream that I hooked up with a girl who couldn’t stop squirting everywhere and then this is the first thing I see when I Wake Up.

  19. CaptainKurtG says:

    I’m turned on.

  20. MydlandFan says:

    I def wouldn’t want to be the guy on the ground but I really loved this video and it was somewhat heart warming

  21. Poots_McG says:

    That’s Florida as fuck #FLAF

  22. Advanced-Good8840 says:

    Reminds me of G.G. Allen

  23. CorinthWest says:

    Reminds me of a Rockbitch show

  24. NotMeUsee says:


  25. LilithImmaculate says:

    Sounds like the rest of the band isn’t too happy with her actions

  26. Caveman108 says:

    God I fucking love festivals. Y’all nasty and I’m here for it.

  27. Jesus0nSteroids says:

    Dude had a GoPro on his head…it’s only a matter of time

  28. sgthulkarox says:

    This is Sophie Urista. And it doesn’t surprise me a bit. So long as it was consensual, what is the problem?

    edit: and the Band confirmed she cleaned up after herself.

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